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Immortal astronaut Perry Rhodan, Regent of Terrania, must solve the kidnapping of his son's mother, Mondra Diamond, in this third person scifi adventure game.  Known as Rodan: Myth of the Illochim in Europe and as The Immortals of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure in the US, this point and click adventure game features highly detailed alien worlds to explore.  Perry Rhodan's residence, the Solar Residence, is attacked and starts a quest to uncover a menace to the Milky Way as he follows the clues.

Based on a popular, long running German series of novels chronicling the immortal American astronaut Perry Rhodan, the game provides lots of optional background on the Perry Rhodan universe ("Perryverse") and the over 60 characters you encounter.
The game features high resolution pre-rendered backgrounds which feature plenty of animation while the characters are rendered in 3D.  A unique feature in the game allows you to see a small preview image of the rooms that lie behind exits you have visited before by hovering over the exit.

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