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This game features 7 levels that comprises the main story titled, "The Rise & Fall of Frank Solway." During each level you control Frank Solway and must simultaneously dodge a wide range of falling objects while climbing the pile formed by said falling objects. During the climb you will come across checkpoint flags as well as floating power-ups to restore your health, give you armor, or raise your current height.

There are also 46 gems that drop during your 7 climbs which you can collect to later access a secret ending to the story campaign. These gems alert the player on their approach and must be accessed before they are blocked off by other falling objects or before you pass the next checkpoint.

The game also contains a survival mode titled, "Endless Nightfall." In this mode you guide Frank Solway in an endless climb through space with the same mechanics as the campaign. There are no gems or checkpoints in this mode and significantly less power-ups.


1. Street

  • Gems Available: 2
  • Height Progress: 0m - 25m

2. City

  • Gems Available: 4
  • Height Progress: 50m -100m

3. Mountains

  • Gems Available: 8
  • Height Progress: 1,000m - 1,130m

4. Sky

  • Gems Available: 8
  • Height Progress: 5,000m - 5,130m

5. Atmosphere

  • Gems Available: 8
  • Height Progress: 10,000m - 10,130m

6. Orbit

  • Gems Available: 8
  • Height Progress: 50,000m - 50,100m

7. Space

  • Gems Available: 8
  • Height Progress: 500,000m - 500,100m


This game is available for download on the iTunes App Store as a universal paid release that works for both iPod, iPhone and iPad. It is also available for the Mac platform as a paid release on the Mac App Store.

Cross-Platform Controller Mode

Users who own an iPhone and iPad can open the game on both devices and access a unique "controller mode" where the iPhone is used as a bluetooth motion-controller and the iPad is used as a stationary screen. In this mode, the iPad's display can also be mirrored to a television using an HDMI-out connector for a console-like gaming experience.

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