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Smash! 0

Gameplay: 7 Graphics: 8 Sound: 8 Lifeline: 6 Enjoyment: 6 The Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is a game that challenges you throughout, through the quantity of things you have to bring down rather than reinventing itself and coming up with more than 1 type of challenging mission for you to complete. Great for having fun and venting frustration; unfortunately however, it’s the game itself that will most likely cause you to turn the game off in frustration more times than any game should. First of al...

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Mean and green! 0

The incredible hulk: ultimate destruction is one the best comic book to video game adaptions that i first played. it has EVERYTHING! a hulk fan should be pleased about,other then previous games,and people who don't even now the character should enjoy it anyways. the graphics aren't too bad for its time; The combat is spectacular; The length is just right; Plenty of collectables;. if you like hulk and free roaming games i suggest you try this game?Column HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn Head...

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Hulk Ultimate destruction is the Best super hero game. 0

Smash Bash and Crash Your way to victory. A really good game. Great Boss battles, roam around the city and the desert badlands and do what ever you want. And Destroy anything.Radical Entertainment did a great job and a big success on making this game. If you are a fan of destruction, or a fan of Hulk, this game is perfect for you. ''8.9" out of 10 official Xbox magazine. ''4.5'' out of 5 playstation 2 magazine. You can go take a bus and use it as a skateboard, and go roam around the city. Throw ...

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Ultimate Fun 0

The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction game is undoubtedly one of the best action and comic book character themed games. Even if you don't care for such characters, or perhaps you may be interested in something different, I would highly recommend this game to anyone.Not only can you select the difficulty level ( always a plus ), but there are sufficient tutorials which are actually fun to do. The combo moves are not that difficult to learn and master, and the level advancement is fun to accomp...

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