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Incerdible Hulk Review 0

Did you know that there is a new Incredible Hulk movie out? Just in case you wondering know it's not a coincidence that there's also a new Hulk game out. The Incredible hulk is a movie tie-in game. It was not meant to be a revolutionary piece of art, it's meant to make bucket loads of cash and there's no doubt that it will.The Incredible Hulk is set in a completely destructible version of New York City. You'll recognize real life buildings like the Empire State building and even some buildings f...

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Hulk...smashed (himself) 3

Sigh..... After reviewing Iron Man.. and showing the world the good points...wait there weren't any...... oh well.. I got this new game.. The Incredible Hulk... It's developed by SEGA (like Iron Man), it's based on a guy from the Marvel Comics universe (like Iron Man)... so you can see the enthusiasm I had before playing the game....(I still can't believe I'm reviewing this ) The Graphics It seems that SEGA didin't learn from the big failure that Iron Man was on the graphical side, or they mig...

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Not Ultimate Destruction 0

While a licensed game based off the movie, The Incredible Hulk, the eponymous titled game plays as a spiritual successor to the last generation's The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.  Unfortunately because of this mix, various facets of the latter's gameplay are left out, perhaps to fit the movie's universe better, and suffers for it.You begin well enough, able to destroy any and all objects and/or creatures in your reach.  The upgrade system, while convoluted, works for a Hulk game as opp...

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My Incredible Hulk X-Box 360 Review. 2

 You're Hulk, the big green mean machine.  So with the movie coming out in just a couple of days, they finally did something that no video game based off a movie has done in a while, they released it early! And while the first few reviews on the movie are saying two thumbs way up, I would have to say the game is honestly following suit and is probably the coolest hulk game to date. While sticking to the Ultimate Destruction type game play, with a few new tweaks, and a GTA/Spider-Man free roamin...

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You're going to waste your time on this game. 2

 look at the environment you two. Ya shouldn't fight at this version.   If nothing else, The Incredible Hulk for the PlayStation 2 is a lesson in rising standards. Even if your history book for open-world gaming only goes back to Grand Theft Auto lll and your expectations for sandbox games set in giant cities have likely gone up dramatically. While many superhero games try and fail to build compelling urban environments to fight crime in -- the PS3 and 360 versions of Incredible Hulk were merel...

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My Incredible Hulk PS3 Review. 1

   Press the image and see the difference between the PS2 and PS3 versions and compare. In an age where the comic book movie is one of the most bankable commodities on the silver screen, gamers have come to expect the shelves to be lined with movie tie-in videogames - most of which are horribly monotonous adventures that are nothing more than another chance to cash in on the merchandising dollar. But amongst the landscape littered with superhero videogame flops, there is the occasional titl...

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The Incredible Hilk(360) review 1

Video Review: a big fan of Hulk Ultimate Destruction(HUD) I was very excited to hear that the developer of The Incredible Hulk(TIH) was going to be make TIH a spiritual successor to HUD. However good intentions are no match for the movie game curse. The game was obviously rushed and is lacking many of the elements that made HUD so great. I am a big fan of the Hulk character, controlling a ridiculously powerful avatar in a fully destructible environment is a lo...

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Crapasaurus's Review of The Incredible Hulk 0

 The Incredible Hulk game, based on the movie, is not terribly good. Did I enjoy myself? Somewhat. A total of five crashes in probably 12 hours of gameplay was the biggest problem. This is especially a problem when progress wasn't saved, and you're trying to farm a stupid fucking achievement about knocking down buildings. Missions were repetitive, and for someone who is doing heroic things on these missions (destroying bad guys for example, or destroying bombs that would kill civilians), the gam...

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This buggy broken game will make you angry 0

Lets get one thing out of the way right now I absolutey love the hulk he is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time. But this game fucking blows. From controls, to story, to bugs it sucks. The game dose not at all follow the storyline from the movie but all you need to know is the hulk is stopping terrorists from destroying new york city, that's it that's the story. The only good thing is blowing shit up. Other than that i played this game for 2 hours shut it off and went to gamesto...

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The Incredible Hulk Review 0

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is the game tie-in to the latest movie in the franchise. The game loosly follows the story of the movie but it adds unnecessary sections of gameplay while trying to further the story. The biggest problem with the game is the controls. They don't feel right as if they were made for a different controller. While the in-game graphics aren't that bad, the poorly modeled characters in cut-scenes really make this game seem like a last-gen title. The Game Promi...

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