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Incerdible Hulk Review

Did you know that there is a new Incredible Hulk movie out? Just in case you wondering know it's not a coincidence that there's also a new Hulk game out. The Incredible hulk is a movie tie-in game. It was not meant to be a revolutionary piece of art, it's meant to make bucket loads of cash and there's no doubt that it will.

The Incredible Hulk is set in a completely destructible version of New York City. You'll recognize real life buildings like the Empire State building and even some buildings from the Marvel Universe like Stark Tower. Oh, and yes you will be able to make them all crumble to the ground. Every object you see on the streets can be picked up and used as a weapon against the bad guys or even innocent citizens. This adds a slight bit of depth to the games shallow game play.

The Incredible Hulk's missions are highly repetitive. Every mission basically the same, destroy, destroy and destroy. After the first five missions you will have experienced everything the game has to offer when it comes to game play. There is still some incentive to play through though, the game has a system where you can earn upgrades by destroying things, how original of them. Lucky for us though is that the upgrades can be quite cool. They can range from new even more destructive moves to in-game secrets.

The Hulk looks great in this game, everything else not so much. There's plenty of room to explore in New York City it's just to bad that everything looks very familiar and quite ugly. For example the billboards in the game are all fuzzy and hard to look at, not to mention there all shameless plugs of other Sega franchises. Open World games have always had graphical problems but more recently they've been improving, but with the Incredible Hulk it really does feel like one step forwards and two steps back. The pop-in is terrible and the frame rate plays up a little too often. Not to mention the game just completely froze multiple times during my play through. It's these things that really make the game feel 'Cheap'.

The story of the Incredible Hulk is split into two main storylines. The Hulk's dealings with the Army, and his trying to fight off an alien like group called 'The Enclave' with newfound friend Rick Jones. Both of these are very dull and very disjointed. You can skip all the cut scenes and it wouldn't make a difference.

The sound is very plain and just not well done. It seems very rushed. For example if I were to throw a car into a building it would make the same sound as me throwing a small person into the same building. Some of the movies voice actors reprised there respected roles in the game but that doesn't make it any good. The dialogue is very poor quality and it stutters sometimes. 

The Incredible Hulk is a game that was clearly rushed and only made to rake in the cash. At the very most this game warrants a rent. The first hour or two of playing is surprisingly fun. But once you get to the point where you realise that you've experienced all the game has to offer in such a short time you just want to put it down.

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