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 The Itchy and Scratchy Game was released in Q1 1995, and was published by Acclaim Entertainment. The game stars Itchy and Scratchy from Fox's The Simpsons and retains the comical violence from the TV show. You play as Itchy in the Super Nintendo version, and Scratchy in the Game Gear version.


 The Itchy and Scratchy Game is a platforming game, with weapons, and dangerous detours within the levels. You play as Itchy and start out with a mallet, and various weapons are usable later through the game, by matching the theme of the level you are on. There are seven stages in total, and all levels have blocked paths, or in need of key items to then unlock the path and continue on. You can kill enemies by hitting them with your weapon, and taking to much hits can result in the players death as well, as there is a health bar. There will also be a boss battle at the end of each stage, utilizing some sort of puzzle within the fight.

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