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The Jetsons: Robot Panic is a platforming game developed and published by Taito Corporation for the Game Boy platform.


George Jetson receives a phone call from Mr. Spacely urging him for his help to save the town from rampaging robots that have gone out of control. George enlists the help of his family to clear out different locations. It turns out that the robots were set loose by the rival and competitor to Mr. Spacely, Cogswell of Cogswells Cogs.


In The Jetsons: Robot Panic players start out the game by being able to choose one of three different levels. Each of these levels features a different playable character. Once these three stages have been cleared the player is taken to the final stage.


StageStage Information
Space Ball Dome

Space Ball Dome

In the Space Ball Dome players take control of Elroy as he tries to clear the rampaging robots from the futuristic sports stadium. This is the only stage in the game which is a continuously scrolling stage.

The special move that Elroy has is that he can throw a ball around halfway across the screen.

Concert Hall

Concert Hall

The Concert Hall features Judy as the playable character. This stage contains buttons that can be pressed which will flip the gravity causing Judy and all of the boxes on the stage flip to walking upside down.

The special move that Judy has is a pair of anti-grav boots which will allow the player to walk on the ceiling whenever used. The anti-grav boots use up energy and when the energy is depleted the boots will turn off causing the player to fall.

Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

In the Shopping Mall players take control of Jane. This stage features numerous conveyor belts, spikes, robotic cats.

Jane can not use any sort of attacks, but instead can use a jet pack that allows the player to fly. The jet pack has a finite amount of fuel that can be used before needing to re-charge. If the player hits the ceiling or runs out of fuel they will fall.

Cogswell's Factory

Cogswell's Factory

In the final stage of Robot Panic the player takes control of George Jetson as he tries to stop Cogswell at his factory. George has all of the powers of the previous family members at his disposal. The level is laid out to make use of all the powers.

At the end of the stage there is the only boss battle in the entire game which involves George needing to hit Cogswell who is flying around in a space ship and avoiding electricity bolts coming from a large machine.

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