Everyone else is experiencing jacked up online. right?

#1 Posted by MikeFightNight (1161 posts) -

It's my fault I know. Not doing game research has come to bite me in the ass and now I am left with a great fighting game that has the most jacked up online I have ever played. I never played KOF XII but heard it had terrible online play. So when KOF XIII came out I was like, well you think that would be there number one priority this time around...sigh

Like I said I never played KOF XII but this new KOF's online is unforgivable. I only have Capcom fighting games to compare it too and while their online play is not flawless, it might as well be compared to this! Don't bother trying to let the game match you up with another opponent because all I am getting are matches ranked at one or two latency. The game has 1-4 levels of latency the best being four. The game has an option to look for games based on what latency you want which I go for 3 and up but after 25 tries I got one match at lvl 3 latency. It was decent, to bad I find getting these high latency matches more trouble then they are worth.

Let's get one thing straight, I so want to play this game online becuase it seems like a soild and great fighting game.

Serves me right for not doing research on a franchise that I knew had online issues before but for the love of god, if you plan to get the majority of your fight on through online play, steer clear of KOF XIII.

#2 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

seem to be the consensus in the FGC that the online is not good

#3 Posted by ThunderSlash (2575 posts) -

Noooooooooo! How will people taste my Psycho Swords/Burn Knuckoos if it's gonna be laggy as hell.

#4 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19834 posts) -

Man, it seems only ArcSys makes online in their fighting games consistently good.

#5 Posted by VanillaPlant (155 posts) -

I hear the online is fine if you have gdlk internet and aren't too far away from your opponent. All you need to do is move to Japan and it should be fine.

#6 Posted by el_tajij (834 posts) -

@MikeFightNight: I've got to be honest, i'm pretty bummed as well. It's such an awesome fighting game (this is also my first foray into the King of Fighters series) and the online is, at the moment, unplayable. I have no idea if these issues can be fixed with a patch or something. I really, really hope they are!

My internet isn't great, but I can play other online games with no real problems.

#7 Posted by jewunit (1091 posts) -

I have had some solid matches with 3 or 4 bars, but they are a requirement for a good experience. I don't think the online is terrible, but it is not on the level of SSFIV or UMVC3. I would recommend going to a KOF site like DreamCancel or Orochinagi and finding people on the PSN/XBLA player list who are in your area.

#8 Posted by Vade (398 posts) -

I think only 4 bar is playable but I haven't found any. I struggle with hit confirms in 3 bar and in 2 bar I need to predict the future or use a normal that gives me a full day to cancel. Very inconsistent at best.

Still much better than MvC3.

#9 Posted by McBonJon (204 posts) -

I'm still hoping for a patch to fix up the online. However, this online is functional. I also have a problem with pulling off moves (but maybe that can be due to the fact that I suck). Either way, I'm still having some fun with this game, despite just winning a very few matches.

#10 Posted by Lnin0 (190 posts) -

I can't pull off moves anyway - sounds like online might level the playing field for me.

#11 Posted by jkuc316 (1002 posts) -

@Lnin0: Nope, Moves can still be done online.

I don't think it's that bad, I've certainly played worse(*cough*Tekken 6*cough*)

#12 Posted by HotSauceMagik (277 posts) -

I made the mistake of buying KoF 12 on Day 1. The game itself was really awesome, but since none of my friends are into fighting games, I need to go online for comp. Well it seems that's not possible with any KoF games. Its a shame cause the game mechanics and visuals are always excellent. I love some good sprite work and theirs are second to none.

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