quick match dont work but only self host?

#1 Posted by AnnouncerGXZ (910 posts) -

anyone have the same problem on the ps3 demo? searching for quick match never work. either says full capacity and most of all lost connection to oponent something like that. never get to play using quick match. had to self host and it works fine. people come in and start.

i also dont like sc4, kof xiii online match mechanics. all fighting games should take a look at super street fighter 4's online match mechanics. play in arcade mode with cpu while waiting for people to jump in and after each match with a real player then back to fighting against cpu then bam people jump in again. it works flawlessly without shiet stuff that have to go back to menu and search for a match again everytime we fight someone. super street fighter 4 online mechanics works just like a virtual local arcade at the mall. people put quaters in and jump in if they lose..... you back to fight cpu. untill people put quaters in again

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