Street Date broken!(?)

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I was at my local retail store where I found KOF XIII! I also got this sweet soundtrack! IDK the actual date for Asia, but considering the copy I got is Region 1, then it might've should have been released on the day it was supposed to be in the US.

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Damn. Well I'm too lazy to go out and check some stores only to come back empty handed so I'll wait for Amazon to ship my copy. Enjoy the game you lucky sonuva...

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@BabyChooChoo: Thanks! I hope I do, I really like Terry and Ryo!

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@jkuc316: I don't have a favorite yet, sadly. The closest I've ever gotten to KOF was the half an hour I spent losing to a friend in Capcom vs. SNK 2 lol. If you wanna play online with some fellow Duders (is that what we call ourselves these days?) drop by this thread and leave your PSN ID.

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@BabyChooChoo:f you're a Street Fighter player, then maybe you should try using Ryo. His moves are just like Dan's but executed less... Dorky.

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@jkuc316: Did you have the game on pre-order somewhere or did you just find it at a store? I pre-ordered at Gamestop, so I imagine I am going to have to wait until Tuesday?

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@jewunit: I just found it...

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Got it. Thanks for responding! It's pretty close to the release date, so I might take a quick look around the local Gamestop or just wait until Tuesday.

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