Terry Bogard has no Power Dunk?!?!?

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Is it almost rational for me to say I don't want to buy this game anymore because Terry has no Power Dunk special move? Granted, the last KOF game I played was KOF2004.

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@heatDrive88 said:

I played was KOF2004.

I think that explains more about why you don't wanna play this game lol

I think the last one played was 2000? I used to love KoF series and my local arcade place closed down(I grew up in Korea and console was a rare thing). When I heard about XII and I tried it... yeah... not the same game... Characters look different(What the fuck happened to Athena??!!!), moves are different... I guess the game gotta evolve but I just could not play at all.

So trust me. You're not the only one feeling "This is not the game I remember anymore"

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Fo' real...

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Stand up?

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I have never played a KOF game but for some reason I have a weirdly specific memory of Jeff talking about this exact subject on a bomcast in 2009 when discussing whatever KOF game was out at that time.

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This is based on Terry's original moveset with buster wolf.

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Which game is 2004?  Is that Neowave?  I don't have any experience with either of the Atomiswave released KoFs.
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@SpaceRunaway said:

@heatDrive88: Which game is 2004? Is that Neowave? I don't have any experience with either of the Atomiswave released KoFs.

2004 was Maximum Impact which is actually separate from the main series. It officially stopped its yearly offering by 2003 and went to XI.

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Ah, okay, I knew MI2 was retitled to KOF 2006 in the US, but I had never heard MI 1 titled like that before.  Haha, I definitely don't have any experience with the 3D games.  Actually, vanilla '98 is probably the only KoF I've actually put the most time into.
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Not going to say I'm proud that the last one I played was 2004. Either way, I didn't jump into King of Fighters until '98, so I've always had the Power Dunk there in my moveset. There's always Burning Knuckles to be had, but this still makes me sort of sad.

There's supposedly DLC for characters coming though right? I know that they said they are putting out a "classic" Iori, so does this mean these alternate versions of characters supposedly include alternate movesets?

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Flames Iori, NESTS Kyo, Old Takuma, and one more I forgot.

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@ThePhantomnaut: I think the other one might be a modified Saiki, but I am not sure.

@heatDrive88: I don't have a long history with SNK games, but I remember the Power Dunk from Capcom vs. SNK. I would consider it a signature move and it is a little weird to not have it in the game. That being said, it may have been taken out as a way to balance Terry. He can hit hard from so many directions that Power Dunk may have seemed like overkill. I can only imagine how crazy it would be to cancel into Power Dunk from a big HD combo. The game is reverential of its history, but it doesn't seem married to it in the way the Street Fighter IV games did. As such, it feels different from many of the other games in the series. The lack of the Power Dunk probably makes that even more apparent to you.

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The lack of power dunk is indeed saddening, considering that rising tackle isn't much for anti-air and has the added awkwardness of being a charge move on a non-charge character. Still, if I do get this game (waiting to hear if online is broke or not) I will probably still use him. Because he's Terry Bogard.

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Eh, I'm kinda bummed about that, but Terry's missing the Power Dunk in like half of all the KoF games, so people should have gotten used to that by now.

What pisses me off is if Chin's still completely fucking different than he was in the others.

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no such thing as kof 2004. maximum impact 1 and 2 is its own series. neowave? its is its own too.

saying kof 2004 make people want to know what kof you talking about.

what is terry bogard power drunk move? how its like? i play alot of kof but never hardcore. only sf hardcore. i also tend not to read the move name. all i know is terry got power yaku and power wave. athena got saiko boed.

athena look cartoony like stereotype anime character. the rest look like actual human. why they make athena look different from herself from before and the rest of the characters? i dont know. maybe just for the cool. oh king do look cartoony too from her ingame model.

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