When is KoF XIII coming to consoles? What is it about Ash?

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I'm getting a little antsy here. I see that Japan has had time to tool around with it in the arcades, and I'd like to have a go with Takuma, just as much as the next guy. 
They haven't even announced console versions in any region yet. It worries me dreadfully so. 
I know I should just have faith in SNK Playmore and trust that they'll get around to it. I just hope they don't take a year and half to get it over here like they did with King of Fighters XI
So to ease my worries, let's also have an Ash Crimson general: 

   Hypnotically Androgynous, though not as much as Shion   
Love him, hate him: he's the most fascinating and creative fighting game lead there's been in some time. I just love the animosity he spurs inside, and outside, the games. 
What do you think? Blessing, curse, abomination? What say you?
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I'd hit it.

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@Axersia said:

" I'd hit it. "

As would I, but it depends on the connotation behind "hit". This is a fighting series after all.

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