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It has some flaws, but King of Fighters XIII is still a good game 5

I was never interested with King of Fighters XIII. Hell,I wasn't really much into Fighting games until this year when I was introduced to Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV. I had played '99 due to me lacking knowledge of the game. That changed with King of Fighters XIII.One of the things that got me interested to it was the inclusion of an actual tutorial mode. The tutorial mode teaches on how to move forward, backward, hit normal, special moves, and King of Fighters signature moves...

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I will be honest... 0

This is a great game, it has beautifully hand drawn sprites, a great story mode (not close to Mortal Kombat 9's story mode but it is still a great ride, street fighter 4 AE does not even have one), and customization. It has the aesthetic's and also the substance. So why did I not give it 5 out of 5? Simple, the online was horrid (I might just have a poor connection when it comes to online fighting games), and the execution of the combos (again personally) made me feel like tossing it half way ac...

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Pretty much unplayable 0

I purchased a really cheap Android tablet by Polaroid of all companies, and decided to test its limits. I knew fighting games were supposed to be terrible for touch-devices, but being a huge fan of the genre, I just had to take a gander at what SNK had to offer on the device.Peculiarly, the game's p2p fights are handled through a social networking venue. It's not a terrible thing, and if you're not really into the multiplayer portion, you won't even have to bother past signing up. Don't pay atte...

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