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It has some flaws, but King of Fighters XIII is still a good game

I was never interested with King of Fighters XIII. Hell,I wasn't really much into Fighting games until this year when I was introduced to Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV. I had played '99 due to me lacking knowledge of the game. That changed with King of Fighters XIII.

One of the things that got me interested to it was the inclusion of an actual tutorial mode. The tutorial mode teaches on how to move forward, backward, hit normal, special moves, and King of Fighters signature moves such as hop, hyperhop, rolling, etc.... While also teaching you about different gauges such as Health gauge, Guard gauge, Drive gauge, etc... which does a great job of teaching people some basics and some kinda advanced moves. So, if you are new to KOF, you may want to pick this up for this mode.

One of the complaints I read from King of Fighters XII reviews is the lack of modes in the game. Well, this game has some of the modes you'd normally see in a fighting game. There is a mission mode, which is actually divided into 3: Time trial, survival, and a mode to teach you combos. Of course, there are arcade modes, versus, and online mode. Although, one of the most unique things about is it's story mode.

Instead of cutscenes, you'll have to settle for a visual novel.

The story mode has one of my favorite settings ever. It's not like the supernatural elements of Tekken, which is kinda generic, and sometimes just places supernatural elements from random myths, King of Fighters has an established story which revolves on only one thing. The only bummer for me is the lack of voices, which hinders me from liking the characters of the game, no matter how few were focused on during the whole story mode.

These small banters every match help flesh out the characters. You may even get them talking to themselves.

The Arcade mode is easily my favorite mode. It has the basic story of story mode, while avoiding the long, voiceless cutscenes of the game which slows down my momentum. Also,before you enter a match against one of your opponent's characters, an enjoyable dialogue will pop in, which tells a bit more about the character you and your opponent are using. The number of dialogue you would encounter may equal to 6, depending on how much characters fight.

The online mode is definitely not that great for me, but that's because I have crappy internet. The 2 matches which I had(both with the same person) weren't totally unplayable, but it wasn't a great match either. I couldn't get my timing right because of the lag, and so I lost the 2nd match horribly. The netcode is comparable as to, say Tekken 6 but at least a bit better.

The gameplay is still just like how I remember it in '99, with a bit of things changed. The game still has the same sort of executions, and super special moves require a unique directional command. There are new things, such as EX specials and NEO MAX Super Special moves. These new moves are performed just like the ones in Street Fighter IV, EX specials like EX moves and NEO MAX Super Special moves like Ultras.

Overall, the game was very, very satisfactory. The gameplay is great, the Arcade mode's a joy, Story mode lacks voice acting but still decent, there are many modes, and the online is still acceptable. This goes without saying, but the game's visuals are very good-looking. All I can say is that if you like fighting games, buy this game.

Posted by McBonJon

Good review. I'm planning to write one up soon as well.

Posted by jkuc316

@McBonJon: Thanks! That it came fromthe guy with the most wiki points in the KOF XIII page means a lot to me.

Posted by snaffles

I agree with you that arcade mode is better than the story mode, it seems so half hearted in its execution, and the banter before the fights is actually well written and funny a lot of the time anyway, so as to make it seem superfluous. The blazblue games are much better in this regard, Good review.

Posted by plainplease

a fine review, friendo. i'd love to hop into this game given the chance.

Posted by jkuc316

@plainplease: Thanks! There's a demo for it on PSN

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