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 The Kings' base of operations
The Kings' base of operations

The King is a character in Fallout: New Vegas and the leader of "The Kings" in 2281. The gang operates out of the abandoned "King's School of Impersonation" located in Freeside. They assume the school to be a temple of worship due to all memorabilia being of a single person. With his real name nowhere to be found on holotapes or posters, they only know the man as "The King". They also know him to be the coolest man who ever lived. They put to use the left over clothes and hair gel left in the school, and do their best to mimic their idol, complete with accent. The King also has a cybernetic dog for a pet, named Rex. "Rex" is Latin for "king". The King is voiced by James Horan. There are many Elvis Presley song references within The King's dialogue.

Related Quests

  • G.I. Blues
  • Nothin' But a Hound Dog

Both quests are references to Elvis Presley songs.

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