"Fumito Ueda issues The Last Guardian statement..."

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I think they will probably show some more of it at E3, I believe the 20th will be more of a PS4 horn tooting-fest.

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It's definitely going to be a next gen thing. At this point, there'sno room for original games on the current consoles, monetarily speaking.If it's not a sequel, HD collection, or cheap indie games, don'tbother.

A new generation means a freshstart. Established franchises can "carry" the system for a while, so tospeak, while developers can branch out and try brand new things. That'swhen the Last Guardian will show up, I'll bet.

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So if you guys think it will launch on the new Playstation do you think it will be a launch title?

Also if it comes out on the new Playstation being a game developed for the Playstation 3 does it mean the the new console will support backward capability?

If rumors are truth the new console will have a really different way for game developers to develop then the Playstation 3, so or the game is remade with the new tools or the console as backward capabilities.

What do you think?

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