November 1st 2010 release?

#1 Posted by Catolf (2664 posts) -

On VGreleases they have the expected release date of November first, a Monday and even have a countdown until then. It is said to be an expected release according to Gamestop, anyone have confirmation on this that can help validate this further? I searched and searched and only for this one.
If it is true, freaking awesome that we finally have a release date. If not I'll be sad.

#2 Posted by Steve_C (1759 posts) -

I was just looking at this page on the wiki a little earlier today and someone had put in a nov. 1st release date. I'm highly sceptical. It's just an unvalidated approximation. I hope we'll get a date at e3.

#3 Posted by Rhaknar (5939 posts) -

retail sites use temp release dates when they dont know the real ones. here in europe its usually march 31st for Q1 stuff for example

#4 Posted by marcandrer (31 posts) -

games usualy dont get released on mondays either.. this is probably more a 2011 game..
#5 Posted by Djeffers03 (2544 posts) -

I highly doubt that. We've seen nothing more than 1 trailer.

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