this game will end sadly

#1 Posted by kashif1 (1543 posts) -

i dont know how they managed it but in one trailer they made me feel for that griffin-thing.  If that thing dies by the end of the game (and it will) it'll probably be the saddest moment in recent gaming history.

#2 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -

I know- the whole time that trailer was playing was ruined by the knowledge i know its oging to die - but knowing team ico- they know that, so that wont happen, and we'll be blindsided by the thing that really makes us bawl

#3 Posted by Whisperkill (3046 posts) -

Obviously you are going to have to kill it

#4 Posted by JediAutobot (223 posts) -

I think this one is going to tie into Shadow, you'll have to defend it from the guy from Shadows.
And Penny Arcade is thinking the same thing:

#5 Posted by Hairydutchman (1040 posts) -

I also allready love that silly thing.

#6 Posted by AgentJ (8994 posts) -
@JediAutobot said:
" I think this one is going to tie into Shadow, you'll have to defend it from the guy from Shadows.And Penny Arcade is thinking the same thing: "

#7 Posted by dsplayer1010 (2331 posts) -

That's the first thing I thought when I saw that trailer.

#8 Posted by jakob187 (22335 posts) -

I believe that Penny Arcade comic says EXACTLY what I think...

...and if they don't fucking kill off that baby gryphon-rat-bird-monster-thing...

...then the game will be the biggest copout and disappointment on the face of the planet.

Seriously, it's almost as if we're ASKING for that fucking thing to die!!!  HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT?!  We WANT it to fucking die!!!
#9 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6649 posts) -

Yeah the thing is going to die.

#10 Posted by jakob187 (22335 posts) -
@Whisperkill: DOOD, YES!!!  EVEN BETTER OPTION!!!  I hadn't even thought about how fucked up that would be!  In the end, you'll have to sacrifice it to the Gods or some crazy shit.  They could very easily go Mel Gibson on us with this game and do some insane shit!!!

Man, now I'm REALLY psyched about this game...just because I wanna see how they pull off the ending.  It's like, we know SOMETHING is gonna fucking die.  I just wanna know if it's Mustard in the library with the pipe or Plum in the lavatory with a toilet seat.
#11 Posted by trophyhunter (6039 posts) -

this is what will happen the big thing will die but the kid will find it's baby or something

#12 Edited by brent_kukost (41 posts) -

Doods, Agro survived SotC... There really is no precedence for either of the two main characters to die. Although it's a hallmark of Team Ico games to be somewhat bitter-sweet, they are never down right depressing or anything of that nature.

I know how people love to call shit only to dig it out and shout about it if and when it goes down, but this incessant obsession over predictability is a little annoying. I ain't saying the eagle won't die, or the kid for that matter, but I don't expect it as if Ueda was somehow as predictable as Kojima or his ilk...

#13 Posted by ScrubbingBubbles (145 posts) -

 I just remember how sad I was when Agro died (he died!), and if this new gryphon friend dies in this game too... I don't know what I'll do.

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