Act Surprised Last of Us Is Coming to PS4

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#153 Edited by Zerothe (34 posts) -

Good now let's have a Soul's game hd remastering. All 3 or just 1 doesn't matter any would be cool.

#154 Posted by Hashbrowns (686 posts) -

My PS3 died a few months before this game came out, and I remembered thinking it would be great if they did a PS4 version. I just never expected it to be this soon.

HD re-releases are great all around, they're safer investments for the publisher, let new people enjoy great games, and keep great games relevant for longer periods of time. I get frustrated with how quickly people "move on" from games, treating them like they have an expiration date. When I revisited Shadow of the Colossus in the HD collection, it really seemed to be what the PS2 version aspired to, finally realizing its potential.

People still buy classic movies on different, constantly improving formats. I owned Lawerence of Arabia on DVD, but I didn't even hesitate to get the Blu-ray. It's nice to see even a fraction of that kind of preservation in video games.

#155 Posted by oasisbeyond (220 posts) -

Very predictable, i expect UC1,2,3 Collection. It's sad, the gaming industry has become the movie industry with milking game after game with higher res. Look, the game was awesome on ps3, it's not better on ps4, it came out way later. This is a $20 product, and no one should pay $60 for it. Heck I paid $40 new for the ps3 version, and it's worth it, but no replay value imo. I'll maybe wait for the 4k version in 7 years?

#156 Posted by Nodima (1599 posts) -

In case you missed it Naughty Dog apparently released an HQ version of the trailer ala Killzone Shadow Fall, nice for those who want to poor over every little detail.

HQ .mov

#158 Posted by Kohe321 (3568 posts) -

Glad I waited, knew this was going to happen. :)

#159 Edited by javaughn (7 posts) -

i like that they put it on ps4 i want play it on my ps4 an see how i can play good with the ps4 controller.

#160 Posted by javaughn (7 posts) -

i like that they put it on ps4 i want play it on my ps4 an see how i can play good with the ps4 controller.

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