And now my health bar is gone!?

#1 Posted by lusence (427 posts) -

Just at the bridge when you first assault the gate, my health bar is no where to be seen. Tried reloading and lucky me my last save file besides the one I was using is at the graveyard... boooo

#2 Posted by LoZ825 (9 posts) -

Shitty man, that sucks to hear. I didn't have anything like that happen to me.

#3 Posted by lusence (427 posts) -

this is like my 4th play through and is the only time its came up? ah well, looks like after even moving on in the game didnt fix it. guess ill just chalk it up to + difficulty. moral is i guess to keep a few save files handy for back play in case some shit like this happens :/

#4 Posted by eivraj (18 posts) -

@lusence: i had the same issue for half a chapter in the suburbs. I Just turned the ps3 off and on and then continued my game and it just fixed itself.

#5 Posted by lusence (427 posts) -

ty, that did the trick! :)

#6 Posted by mpgeist (655 posts) -

Sounds Immersive! True survival man!

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