Anyone else having this issue?

#1 Posted by Feikken (226 posts) -

I bought Last of Us for 60 bux on PSN and it will only let me download the 1.3mb wallpaper image!

When I'm in the psn store and I enter the last of us store page, it'll ONLY let me download said 1.3mb file

Anyone have a clue how to select the actual game to download?

this is driving me nuts!!!

#2 Posted by Feikken (226 posts) -

Well I guess I figured out the problem: it's released at 12 am PST

son of a bitch! not again!

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Argh, that sucks!

#4 Edited by shivermetimbers (953 posts) -

It also requires 27 GB of free space.

#5 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5008 posts) -

It also requires 27 GB of free space.

Mmmm those uncompressed files. Delicious.

#6 Posted by Fearbeard (866 posts) -

I made the mistake of buying the pre-order and now I have no idea how to start downloading the game. On the ad for the game in the store it says "Download now" but when I go to my download section all I can download is the theme still. I would like to get the download started so I can sleep for a little while before waking up to play the game.

#7 Edited by Adaurin (198 posts) -

Same problem, and I hate to break it to you, but it might take 12-24 hours to download, even with a fast connection.

#8 Posted by Rafaelfc (1836 posts) -

same issue here.

#9 Posted by shivermetimbers (953 posts) -

Same issue here, only now the download now option is no longer there.

#10 Edited by devilzrule27 (1242 posts) -

I would say check your download lists.

#11 Posted by Avaren (77 posts) -

It's very likely they're in the process of changing the page over from pre-order to live, and kicking all the relevant systems online.

#12 Edited by DJJoeJoe (1400 posts) -

I'm getting the same issue, I assume it's a Sony issue on their end? or something? Eitherway this whole process is super obtuse.

#13 Edited by K10ud (2 posts) -

Same problem. We're all mourning on this dilemma.

#14 Edited by Rafaelfc (1836 posts) -

and it's now working for me... all of a sudden it appeared on my download list

#15 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1400 posts) -

@rafaelfc said:

and it's now working for me... all of a sudden it appeared on my download list

Not in my list or on the store BUT I will just give up for a few minutes and do something else, restart my ps3 later and see what's what then before I fully pack it in and go to bed.

If only my birthday (also on the 14th) was this tardy... I really don't wanna turn the age I'm turning... unfortunately that thing is instant :(

#16 Posted by Rafaelfc (1836 posts) -

I think it's updating for everyone now, some people on GAF are reporting the same

#17 Edited by Avaren (77 posts) -

It's working now.

#18 Posted by gaddo007 (2 posts) -

or just go through the "what's new" icon above "trophy collection."

#19 Posted by Rafaelfc (1836 posts) -

Weird, it has it's own installer with a sweet render of digital fake ellen page and grizzly old dude.

Also weird, digital manual is it's own download and item on the software list.

#20 Posted by Fearbeard (866 posts) -

Yeah it worked for me a few minutes ago. Somehow I think it would have been faster if I didn't pre-order. If Sony wants digital sales to work they really need to make sure that the PS4 is capable of downloading before release and then unlocking.

#21 Posted by Ubiquity (2 posts) -

How long does it say it takes to download on your systems? Mine says an estimate of 3 hours and I'm already 20 minutes in.

#22 Posted by Humanity (12030 posts) -

Why would anyone buy a full retail game, from PSN of all places? The slowest network of this generation.

#23 Edited by Johnnboy2000 (130 posts) -

Ok I had to restart my ps3 then I was able to download the game it took a hour too get too a point where it had download enough that I could start playing. And man that opening Section was amazing. After I was done playing I looks and it was still downloading. All in all this is the first time that Sony is trying playing whale your still downloading thing and when the ps4 comes out it will do it faster and hopefully psn will have faster network speeds that it will seamless.

#24 Posted by EmiNyzc (2 posts) -

same issue

check my video :)

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