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I have heard a lot of good things about this game and was thinking of getting it. I heard that hard difficulty will have you sneaking around a lot and you will have less supplies. Would it be more fun to play on normal so that you can craft more things?

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I've been playing on Hard and I've found as far as stealth games are concerned The Last of Us leaves a lot to be desired. However on the whole the most difficult time I've had so far was the first encounter with a clicker, everything else has been pretty much smooth sailing.

To more directly answer your question, there is a limit to how many of each material type and craftable you can carry, and playing on Hard I've never been in a situation where I didn't have something that I really needed (mainly med kits and shivs). The more interesting part in my opinion is you get fewer supplements--which are what you use for upgrades such as health and listen mode distance--so spending them is actually a meaningful decision.

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I played on Normal and never felt like it was too easy.

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I played on hard. I liked that difficulty but you had a bit too much supplies sometimes and Joel has too much health.

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I played it on hard the first time through and I never had a shortage of ammo or crafting supplies.

The Survival difficulty seems to be the only one that actually forces you to manage your supplies carefully.

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I really enjoyed playing on Hard because it felt like it added to the atmosphere of the world and how scarce resources really would be.

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Playing through on Hard.

I'm currently separated from Ellie in the sewers, in this large open area. Fucking hard.

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@unilad: I just finished that part, tried it stealthily a couple times before deciding to just shoot everything from the entrance. For some reason the runners didn't all aggro me at once and I was able to pick them off one by one. Went through most of my ammo though.

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I'm having a pretty easy time on hard. Supplies are scare but I've never once completely run out of ammo or defensive weapons. Running and gunning is still quite viable and infected drop ammo.

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Hard is the best out of the 3 availble to start off with. Survivor is how that game is meant to be played (sad its only available after beating the game).

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I played on hard and had a great time. It got pretty challenging in places but I never felt like I was being forced to use stealth to survive.

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I have never hated a game so much while playing through on hard for my first run. It made beating the game ever more satisfying and I can honestly say I suck a little less a stealth games as a result.

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the higher difficulty (and decreased items for you to scavenge) of Hard difficulty makes the game more enjoyable, at least for me it did.

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I went hard until my save said I was 80% done. Without spoilers, I was in a shed with a companion, super low ammo and guys coming through the windows.

Ran it so many times but in the end I had to admit defeat and drop to normal.

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Hard is the way to go

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@ericio123: Play it on Hard. That's what I did on my first playthrough and towards the end of the game I had one of the best experiences in gaming. People who played on Normal say that the game gets way too easier and you just mow down dudes.

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