Delayed to 14th of June.

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Yep, so as to polish the game up yadda bladda madda fadda camp granada. You know the drill. Which I'm perfectly fine with anywhoo; they can take as much time as they need, plus it's not like there's much else getting released in June, either. I think? In any case it'll be nice to kick off the summer with such a dreary, downtrodden game such as the Last of Us I'm sure x)

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That's my 21st birthday. What a fine birthday present.

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I don't care if it is the last I see of them.

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Goooood. In theory, I'll be done with school by then, with more free time to play all these... games.

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Day after E3 ends, hopefully things will go well for them anyway. Didn't inFamous 2 developers complain about their game releasing at a bad time (middle of E3) and affecting their sales, or something?

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They're releasing it that early? Because when I saw it in GT's Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2013, I was surprised to see no gameplay footage (or at least nothing that sells itself as gameplay footage). Is there any?

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Kind of a bummer, but I always get so psyched up for games after E3 so that is good.

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A short delay, this is OK with me.

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Releasing the day after E3 means they MUST send review copies weeks in advance like they did with Uncharted 3 otherwise they done messed up. And if the game is ready for review copies this early then why delay it at all.

What i'm saying is that it's a dumb date. Either release it before E3 if it's ready or push it back a couple more weeks after E3. Like an above poster said, that didn't exactly work too well for inFamous 2.

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Didn't think this was comeing out till november anyways, so this was a move up to me.

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@pr1mus: Exactly what I was thinking. Also, next-gen software will likely be the only thing on the mind of most press, I really hope this isn't Sony proving they really have no idea what they're doing when it comes to releasing games, as I'm close to deciding on their next box for my first next-gen console.

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Its After E3. This is very interesting..

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"Longest campaign Naughty Dog has ever made."

Woah, how long is it? Weren't the Jak games pretty lengthy? I beat Jak 3 quite a few times, but I don't remember exactly how long it was.

I just checked. Jak 3 was around 16 hours long.

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Huh, when was this supposed to come out originally? Cause honestly this sounds more like a shuffle for marketing reasons IMO.

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On one hand it's right after E3 and places like giantbomb would not have had time to properly review it by release which could end badly. On the other hand when E3 finishes I'm always really excited about video games and really want to play a game, if other people are like that too I can see it being good.

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It got delayed to June 14th. My summer examination session beings June 10th.

I'm too emotionally drained right now to even sigh.

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Sony's fucking up.

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Maybe i could finally buy a PS3 before this game comes out. 1st time buyer??? maybe,................

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I'll be finished with uni by then, so I'll have plenty of time to bask in this game's quality.

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I'm always fine with a game being delayed if it adds an extra coat of polish, but it does seem strange to delay The Last of Us to the day after E3. Like others have said, Infamous 2 was released during E3 and got lost in the shuffle. This year's E3 is bound to have some big news with the announcement of new consoles and next-gen games, so the chance for the buzz around the game to be diminished seems somewhat likely. Regardless, I'm still pretty excited for the game and hope it lives up to the hype.

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i saw this coming a mile away.

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I was pretty sure this was going to get delayed, no suprise here. It's probably even a good thing seeing as how it will give them more time to polish it up.

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Incoming PS4 version?

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"And we delayed it so we can have a multiplatform launch."

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Im really excited for this but im willing to wait if it means the end product will be better.

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@pr1mus: if they can send copies weeks in advance, than why delay the game?

@morbid_coffee: same here, though instead of coming out on my birthday, now the week is free for me to do what I actually should be doing.... Exams.

also a Friday launch is kinda interesting.

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I completely forgot about E3. You're right, I guess that could throw a wrench in things considering that when it comes to Playstation, most people will surely have the PS4 on the brain more than anything else. If they show off enough games and a date/price, plenty of people may hold off on buying The Last of Us and will just save up for the PS4 and its launch stuff.

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I don't really care about the delay, more time to polish is cool in my books but I am confused with the date. The 14th is a Friday, and while some games do come out then(first that comes to mind is Skyrim and even then it was to launch on 11/11/11), Tuesday is the usual day of the week. I get that they wouldn't release it on the Tuesday of that week cause it would be in the middle of E3 but then why not delay it 3 more days until the following Tuesday? Don't think it matters that much really but it's still kind of strange.

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@zella: It's going to be a worldwide release in tandem with the typical day of European releases. Is strange, but whatever; it gets it here earlier than it would if it had to stick to a Tuesday release. When all's said and done we would ideally still be getting it in May when it's completely out of the way of the E3 stampede.

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Perfect. Gives me more time to replace my broken PS3.

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I seem to remember reading that Naughty Dog had never missed a deadline or release date. I am really, really looking forward to this game so it's sad to see them start.

Better that they take the time to get the level of polish up though, I guess.

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Reviews hit next week.

"The time between when we finished #TheLastofUs and when it comes out have been the longest couple weeks ever. Reviews hit Wednesday. #hype" -- Kurt Margenau tweet

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A Friday release for North America is super strange, especially considering Man of Steel comes out that very same day. Now regardless, I am so stupidly excited for this game that it doesn't matter what day of the week it comes out

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