Did they add the knife to the window sill?

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So, The Last of Us finally had its last DLC released a few weeks ago; to apparently no fanfare. Seems alright, but on launching the game today I noticed there was a knife on the window sill on the hypnotizing menu screen; which I've never noticed before. Is this part of some DLC or was it always there?

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I thiiiink that gets added there when you beat the game once for some reason.

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I would have bought the DLC if there wasn't a PS4 version on the horizon. Given that it's very likely going to be full price, I'm using the fact that it'll have all the DLC packed in to better help justify buying it again.

Dunno about the knife.

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I remember the knife being there before the dlc.

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Once you beat the game, the knife will show up.

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I thought I had to buy it, but I read it's free, that being said, yep, I agree entirely, I'm not looking into playing the PS3 version again any time soon, or perhaps ever, since the PS4 version is coming, and I'd rather just wait than get my fill of it, and then play the PS4 version and maybe be sick of it then. Oh, as for DLC, are you just generalizing? I know the most recent DLC was free, or, I think it is.

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@ntm: Is it? I assumed it was the third piece of DLC for the Season Pass.

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@yummylee: Well, I said I think. At first, I thought I read you had to buy it, but then later, I read it was free... I guess one of us will have to check... Alright, yeah, never mind; you do have to buy them. Sorry. That being said, even if it were free, my second point still stands, and I'll just wait for the PS4 version, which I imagine all of it will be there.

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It's part of the Season Pass. Some more thoughts: Supply Raid still sucks, the new maps are worse than the first set of DLC maps, and everyone who's playing is level 200-600 (which is roughly 1400-4200 matches, I'm level 25 and I played for 50ish hours when it came out); I imagine it will be more interesting on PS4. The glory days of one guy shivving an entire team in one round of Survivors are lost I guess; they seem to have balanced the game in favor of weapons over crafting which is a shame. The deagle is pretty cool though.

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I hope they added a knife to the windowsill in the DLC. I keep looking at the windowsill and thinking "that windowsill would look great with a knife on it."

Obviously, I haven't played the game. Is there a PS3 GOTY edition coming?

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@lordandrew: Hey in the pantheon of title/menu screens The Last of Us is pretty high up there, though not reaching the infinite heights of Heroes of Might and Magic V.

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@lordandrew: Nothing announced, but i would bet there will be at some point since all the other PS3 Naughty Dog games got a game of the year version at some point.

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@fredchuckdave: Where does Batman: Arkham Origins fit on this pantheon with it's "Batman slo-mo punching dudes"?

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@corruptedevil: Falls well short of MGS3's slowmo CQC with shifting color palettes of course.

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It's part of the Season Pass. Some more thoughts: Supply Raid still sucks, the new maps are worse than the first set of DLC maps, and everyone who's playing is level 200-600 (which is roughly 1400-4200 matches, I'm level 25 and I played for 50ish hours when it came out); I imagine it will be more interesting on PS4. The glory days of one guy shivving an entire team in one round of Survivors are lost I guess; they seem to have balanced the game in favor of weapons over crafting which is a shame. The deagle is pretty cool though.

As a long-time regular player, I totally have to disagree with you (except for the deagle which is indeed cool). I'm not going to debate the merits of the game mode and the DLC maps because that comes down to personal taste, but shivving has never been as rewarding nowadays thanks to the new perks. It's still very much possible to have nothing but shiv kills thanks to skills like Agility and Executioner.

Of course, with most of the people who are still playing multiplayer being veterans, it's not at all surprising that you might be having a hard time going with the same strategy of lone-wolfing it in the shadows. Teams of mic'ed up veterans are much more aware of flankers and will communicate as to their status and enemy locations. You can get one guy in a tight-knit group, but attempting to get another one is tantamount to suicide, not because GUNS but because the person shivved will tell his teammates immediately.

Another new perk called Bomb Expert makes explosives all the more dangerous, too. In tandem with Executioner, you can wipe out entire teams using nothing but smoke bombs and shivs. Paired up with Explosion Expert, you can be unstoppable up close or even from a distance.

I can definitely see Factions being more "interesting" when the HD remaster comes out on the PS4. We'll have the millions of old Xbox converts to play with who will be more than willing to check out the multiplayer, and that means more newbies for us vets to fuck with. LOL.

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@josephknows: Oh no one would be stupid enough to play against a team as an individual, what a dumb way to play the game (on both sides really). If you notice a team you leave immediately; total waste of time. That's why the no team matchmaking is in place... except for the DLC.

I did fine yesterday it just came down who left trigger right triggered better instead of the old positioning and creative usage of weapons and so on; except for one match that was on Dam (which is a default map); because Dam is a lot better than every other map and sort of inherently plays out satisfactorily for an intelligent player. It feels more and more like a normal 3PS where people occasionally kill you with molotovs. Ultimately every game that isn't Assassin's Creed gets more and more boring the further you get away from launch; that's just how console games work, especially with a new IP. Where people were originally trying to be creative they start following more and more formulaic and boring strategies; it is not the fault of the game developer though the maps are indeed inferior and that just complicates matters further. I'm sure on PS4 there will be a new community and that will be fun; I'm not going to buy a PS4 until there's 10 good retail games for it that aren't on old consoles, there's still 0.

Worth noting is that Naughty Dog put in 8 trophies that greatly incentivize leaving (3 kills without dying over the course of a match; the 3 takedowns or executions is a piece of cake, but not dying is almost impossible unless your team dominates the match or its Survivors/you AFK a round of interrogation after picking off 3 people, you can't lose Supply Raid without dying, for instance.) so almost every match had 2-4 leavers regardless of how well it was going.

Put simply, you have to be a boring person to play pretty much any non-fighting console multiplayer game longer than roughly 100 hours.

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Would be great if The Last of Us PS4 was free for psn+ members for a month or so.

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Verdict on maps: Capitol is good, well designed and smart placement of boxes. Water Tower and Coal Mine are meh. Wharf is the worst map in the game, basically just a worse version of High School.

In DLC 1 every map is good and Bus Depot is fantastic.

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@fredchuckdave: I think people who find the multiplayer boring by resorting to the same formulaic strategies just don't have much of an imagination or the interest in discovering all the possible configurations for weapons, skills and maps.

Maybe it's because I've been entrenched in the community that always always finds new loadouts, strategies and just different ways to play the game.

The number of options available to customizing loadouts before were pretty good, but the new skills and weapons have increased the variety exponentially.

For example, a lot of people originally thought weapons like the shorty and the machete were absolutely useless compared to the revolver or the shotgun because of damage output, rate of fire, cost, range, etc. But because of a closer look at weapon and skill synergy, people have found out that combining the shorty and the machete into one loadout can wreak so much havoc against entire teams. One shot up close from the shorty and one quick swipe from the machete is an instant down, even when the target has armor on. Add Brawler 2 to that, and you can mod yourself a machete with 5 hits for 5 different people. The parts you get from downing and executing with all those hits are more than enough to buy back two more machetes.

A more recent example is the hunting rifle and launcher combination. You had to be an elite sniper who can headshot people in a second to use the hunting rifle effectively. There was a lot of doubt about the launcher being an OP weapon. And even if it does take two shots to down, the incredibly long reload time and the super expensive ammo keep it from being game-breaking, up to the point that a lot of people dismissed it because of its weaknesses.

It was soon discovered that the two weapons go great with each other. Two hits from both weapons puts the target down. They both have great range. The fact that the launcher also damages enemies the way a bomb does means that you can still down an enemy you've shot with the HR and started hiding behind cover. Add Damage Marker and Explosion Expert, and you'll be hitting more people all the while marking them and getting parts for the marks.

And players can still take on the role of great medics with Reviver and First Aid Training, gift-givers and bombers with Crafter and Explosion Expert, assault specialists that keep regaining health with the Burst Rifle and Sharpshooter, shiv ninjas with Covert Training and the Bow, and so on and so forth.

You can even do something as ridiculous as having everyone on your team use Brawler, First Aid Training 3 and Reviver 3 and not use any weapons besides your fists, and still take down entire teams! Brawler 1 gives you health for every melee hit, and FAT and Reviver are there for when you get downed. Here's a (hilarious) video of it in action:

Loading Video...

Yet another stupidly fun thing a team can do is have everyone bring flamethrowers with the flame helmet, flame mask and the flame bandana, but not use them until you get three smoke bomb+shiv combos. Then somebody on the team plays the Space Jam music, and you can go crazy using the flamethrowers and molotovs until the song ends. Yep, you read that right. Space Jam. Here's yet another funny video showing the challenge in action:

Loading Video...

Of course, you'll need to actually play with friends in a full party to get to do these crazy things. Not that big of a problem for me, as I'm entrenched in the community, specifically the Reddit community if it wasn't obvious before.

I can totally understand people who just play this game by themselves to lose interest quickly because they don't get as much freedom to experiment and those that are privileged enough to always be in full teams usually just stomp the rest of the competition. But that's what I love about the game, as cooperation is the #1 ingredient for success (and for a ton of batshit insane fun).

If you still find any enjoyment whatsoever in the multiplayer, maybe you should pay the r/thelastofusfactions a visit, drop your PSN there, and team up with fellow fans. Lots of friendly people there willing to help out, and you're bound to find somebody that's in the same timezone and/or plays at the same hours as you do. Trust me, this is the only real way to enjoy Factions.

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@geirr said:

Would be great if The Last of Us PS4 was free for psn+ members for a month or so.

Sounds like a great way to make money off a new release game!

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@josephknows: Yeah you kind of just went all cool story there. Yes, playing with a team means you can play retarded and still win easily; that doesn't mean you should. The game's fun for a while but it gets old, same as any other extremely static game; there's no mods or incredible skill ceiling or anything to keep you playing other than the joy of crushing public games or something. I understand if you're young and have no resources, but you could still just play something inexpensive that actually does functionally change every time out like an FTL or Spelunky. Aside from something like Uncharted 3 Co-op (which does have a ridiculous skill ceiling) or any of the AC games (too complicated for a human to master, though there's plenty of boring people that try and fail; but they're generally easy pickings for being predictable) the point holds true, only boring people keep playing after a certain point, this is why the community shrinks and doesn't stay the same; this is why there aren't any ridiculously long lasting communities like Starcraft: Brood War, Quake 3, or Unreal Tournament anymore; there's very little creativity outside of game/indie developers themselves.

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@fredchuckdave: Why did I even bother when you addressed zero of the points I raised.

Sorry if your attention span and imagination is lacking that you need to be spoonfed your enjoyment.

And please, the backhanded insults about how old you think I am is extremely petty. I have a well paying job and bills to pay.

FYI, I also enjoy Spelunky. Maybe you just need to broaden your horizons and stop generalizing. It's easy to make sweepig statements and look like an idiot when you've barely scratched the surface of a game that's quite deep.

Good day!

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