Did you ever wish Last of Us was a movie?

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An user in youtube made a movie of the Last of Us game, with the cutscenes and gameplay. So if you don't have the possibility of playing the game, or just want to breeze through it, here it is:

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See at your own discretion, without spoiling anything for anyone. Also don't put spoilers in the thread, please. Be civil.

What do you think of the adaptation?

P.S. - I haven't played the game, and I'm itching to play the movie... ahah sucks

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Nah, I'm good. I enjoyed playing The Last of Us just as much as I did watching the story unfold.

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I loved most of the battles, they were usually pretty damn intense.

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@yummylee said:

Nah, I'm good. I enjoyed playing The Last of Us just as much as I did watching the story unfold.

I loved most of the battles, they were usually pretty damn intense.

Stop! Stop! Stop torment me... :P

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No. Every single battle I had in the game felt intense and the relationships and story would not be anywhere near as impactful if I wasn't controlling Joel and Ellie.

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I told my friend this game should be a movie 2 hours in. Good to know other people feel the same way.

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No, I'm a lot more engaged when playing it. Also this game isn't paving new ground in terms of telling a story, I wouldn't like it as much if it was just a movie.

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No, because the game part is very good. It does suck that a bunch of people that don't play games will be locked out of experiencing that story though.

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I kinda hated the way Uncharted laid out its combat sections near to the end of Uncharted 2, so maybe expecting Naughty Dog to change the way they do that this generation was a bit stupid, and the fact that I didn't know this was a Zombie game as well didn't help. I ended up playing it on easy which I think is the way most people should play it if they don't enjoy playing the game by the High School.

Do I think the game should of been a film? No. Because when the game got into the more Uncharted like set pieces it is really good. The entire Winter section is fucking amazing.

My big hope for Naughty Dog in the future is that they use this time to think about how they make their games play, they have used each generation to change what types of games they make, I'd like to see them try something truly new from them.

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Nope, it was perfect the way it was where you have complete control over everything. As a game, it evoked more emotion than any movie in the last few years. A masterpiece indeed.

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It's the best movie I've watched all year.

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The problem with these is that if you die at a critical moment you just start again at the checkpoint and thatsw when most people are lose their immersion (?) in this game. But none or less the gameplay in The Last of US is great as well so I do not mind playing it. IT is a shame though that there are no consequences of dying in such games. but if you would do that that frustrate a ton of people. For example imagine a perma death in this game. Most people would not even touch it^^

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I don't think I would have been as immersed in the story if I didn't control the characters in the game. By fighting/surviving as Joel and Ellie and making these moral decisions you can put yourself into their positions much better.

No movie has ever caused such emotional reactions for me.

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Not really. Honestly I think if it was a movie it would only be okay at best.

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Nope, I don't - having finished the game this week, I can say that a movie can't do the same things the game did. Like Adam Sessler argues in rev3games' spoilercast, spreading the experience over 18 hours or so allows the characters to breath in a way no movie could. They can linger longer, be subtler, and in general have more pure peripheral content to fill out their motivations, the world around them etc.

All of that is aside from the core gameplay, including the insanely impactful hand-to-hand combat, the decent shooting, the forgiving stealth, and crafting / upgrading mechanics. The gameplay is, in my opinion, almost as worthwhile as the story (and in this case, I mean that in the best possible sense).

Could it be made into a good move? Probably. Would I ever prefer it that way? Certainly not.

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Yes. I think the part where you play and combat is involved is easily the weakest aspect of the game and is at best functional but certainly not fun. This is something that movies can do better. The exploration and just slowly walking around and letting the world around you sink in is great and there is something to being able to do so at your own pace but it is also something that movies can do very well.

But instead of a movie i'd rather see this as a miniseries. A 2 hours episode for each seasons for example. This story needs to be paced relatively slowly to work.

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Hell yeah.

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I never watch movies , so no .

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Yea, it would have been better as a movie IMO, the gameplay was the weakest component

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The gameplay was as important to the story as the cutscenes, maybe more so. No way a movie could capture the same experience. Besides, who wants to watch a twenty hour long movie.

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no, a movie would compress a 15 hour game into 2 hours. The feeling of actually going through the ups and downs to get this girl to her destination would be lost. Nothing against films I respect it as much as any medium but this one should stay a game.

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