Do you enjoy its multiplayer?

Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) 2 years, 18 days ago

Poll: Do you enjoy its multiplayer? (192 votes)

Yes. 72%
No. 9%
I don't do multiplayer. 19%

I did't expect to enjoy its multiplayer as much as I do. I booted it up after completing singleplayer out of due dilligence more than anything. Played Survivor, and didn't stop playing all afternoon. Loving it! First *one life per round* mode I ever enjoyed, and damn do I enjoy it. The Last of Us seems to become my introduction to Counterstrikesque multiplayer.

I'd highly recommend giving it a proper shot. Once one gets past the learning curve with the scavening and crafting and listening, it will become very exciting - at least if you've got the patience for such a thing. Hell - even if I crap out at the beginning of a round, it still has good flow to it, and spectating is high tension entertainment for me. Try it man!

Great stuff!

#1 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7453 posts) -

It's awesome, though I sort of jokingly wish there was a Jennifer Hale voice saying "Counter-Tourists win" at the end of rounds. I should note the stealth class is by far the best out of the starting set and it takes a while to unlock enough customization to get to making your own version of it; though if you're playing in a group it's not quite as important. I think this would be much better with no voice chat capability though, an organized enough team could just manipulate the ability to see the map while dead and kind of ruin it. It's legitimately awesome solo queueing though, and that's pretty rare for a shooter.

#2 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

Its awesome so much tension!

#3 Posted by Redbullet685 (6222 posts) -

Yes. Yes I do. A lot. Playing Survivor is some of the most intense multiplayer I've ever experienced. Definitely going to hop on that season pass cause I'm sure as hell gonna play quite a bit of this.

#4 Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake (836 posts) -

Surprisingly yes, its pretty fun.

#5 Posted by Flappy (2406 posts) -

I dig it, but there have been times where random lag spikes popped up and I couldn't move. When it's running perfectly, though? Good times with my crochet beanie on.

#6 Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake (836 posts) -

I like that it penalizes people for rage quitting. You end up with a bunch of sick/hungry people, however, I got disconnected once and nothing changed so that's cool.

#7 Edited by Yummylee (23507 posts) -

It's a lot of fun and it translates the philosophy of the single-player into a multiplayer environment perfectly. Incredibly intense and it's rather unique to boot. I was disappointed to find that you don't actually have a persistent character, though. The hats and masks are goofy enough, but I was hoping it'd let me create my very own Firefly instead of randomly being assigned one per match.

Still, I've enjoyed myself with it. Been using a revolver and hunting rifle combo and it's served me well, specially once I upgrade them. Though that's also one reason why I dislike joining matches already in session, since everyone else will most likely have upgraded guns/crafted weapons/armour and so on, whereas you start off from scratch. I also wish there was an option where you'll play only with fellow randoms; going up against an opposing team of four with headsets always puts you at a disadvantage, but in The Last of Us it cripples the team you're in.

#8 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7453 posts) -

I highly recommend playing the medic class as almost no one does and you get a shitload of scrap for basically following people around healing them and crafting stuff/gifting items, occasionally stopping to fire your revolver. Even in really good 8-0 survivor matches you get less scrap than you do from being a medic, unless the other team somehow inflicts absolutely no damage on your team.

#9 Posted by Pr1mus (4107 posts) -

Is it really possible to not be able to complete the 12 weeks campaign? Do you have to constantly do better or is it a case of loosing some people and the required supplies goes down accordingly? Because if that is how this works i can't really imagine anyone not being able to complete that thing since being a support and crafting 3-4 things and maybe healing someone every now and then ensures you get enough supplies for at least 30-40 people if not more.

So is the only way to lose really to have the camp population to drop to zero?

#10 Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) -

@pr1mus said:

Is it really possible to not be able to complete the 12 weeks campaign? Do you have to constantly do better or is it a case of loosing some people and the required supplies goes down accordingly? Because if that is how this works i can't really imagine anyone not being able to complete that thing since being a support and crafting 3-4 things and maybe healing someone every now and then ensures you get enough supplies for at least 30-40 people if not more.

So is the only way to lose really to have the camp population to drop to zero?

I just look at those survivors as a elegantly designed *skill value* for matchmaking. I guess it's so immersive that it becomes something else?

#11 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7453 posts) -

@pr1mus: There's events that can knock out 60% of your population, doing them gets harder as you go along, I wouldn't put it past the game to have an event late in the game that knocks out 100% if you don't meet the conditions. Also if you leave a match with ~90 pop you'll wind up with 40 hungry and 30 sick people basically, every time you fail to get the required supplies at that point (77ish) you just get more hungry and sick people, it's not clear if you'll end up with too many hungry and sick as your population continues falling off. If you're playing just to kill people it's hard to get above 70-80 population reliably in Survivors, but you can consistently score 4000+ with a medic which is probably good for 110-120ish, pretty sure 120 is the highest unlock.

High School is the worst map and the most popular since I guess the intro screen looks like Nuketown? It would be okay in a game with mediocre or bad maps but this game has some really great maps like Downtown that no one ever votes for. Game shouldn't have a voting system.

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I have not played it yet but will once I finish the story. I'm done with COD and need something new to play. I have one question about it, how is the frame rate in multiplayer? I like Tomb Raider's MP but the frame rate was nauseating so I had to stop.

#13 Posted by Humanity (11851 posts) -

It's ok. The maps are kinda small so there are basically two major clusterfuck points and then the remaining two people on the map camp out until 10 seconds remain before running around trying to get each other.

So yah, just like Counter Strike back in 2001. De_dust go top!

#14 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7453 posts) -

@humanity: 1 on 1s are rare, also amazingly enough most people work in groups instead of running around like a dumbass like you would in any other shooter, each map is quite different and engagements can take place at range or near or you can get colossal goatfuck flanked or do the flanking yourself. Due to the smaller number of players basically the whole map is utilized apart from the initial engagements, the best team is probably 1 support + 1-2 snipers/whatevers while 1-2 stealths go around and flank.

#15 Posted by Snail (8776 posts) -

Will someone tell me what the results currently are or post a screenshot? I haven't played the game yet but I'd like to know how this poll is faring.

#16 Posted by Reisz (1607 posts) -

Haven't tried it. I like my campaigns like I like my fries, before the rest of the meal.

#17 Edited by GunstarRed (5884 posts) -

Yes, but it required some effort to warm to it. As soon as I started realizing that lonewolfing it was suicide and that I need to be on the move at all times I started getting used to its quirks. The boosters are kinda lame though there's only about three of them that seem to be of any worth... Unless more unlock over time.

If you're on an uncooperative team you can have one of the most miserable online gaming experiences, especially if the other team continuously steamrolls over you, but when shit is going well it's a pretty great mode that takes a bunch of good ideas from other games and puts its own unique spin on them.

#18 Posted by Humanity (11851 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: I played like 10-15 rounds last night and almost every round ended with a 1 on 1 situation. Initially it is a mad dash for the center areas where proper planning is key. The bow seems a little O~P if you ask me since someone really only needs to get one hit on you with it. Ironically it was a similar situation with Tomb Raider where the bow was just this insta kill machine. It should take two arrows to down someone. Maybe not two max pull arrows - but definitely one at maximum strength that leaves you at just 15% above being downed or something. I am never a fan of weapons that instantly down with body shots - only headshots should be one hit killers.

#19 Edited by SunBroZak (1829 posts) -

I like it. Getting 120 population is going to be a pain, and with the trophies allocated to completing both the FireFly and Hunter "stories", I'll be playing it for the foreseeable future.

If I had one gripe, it'd be the lack of a mode involving the infected. Now I know every game has been ripping off the horde mode the past few years, but something like that could really work in this game. Imagine holding them off in a building, only to run low on supplies and be forced to move out into the rest of the map. Of course it might be a little easy with how stealthy you can take out the infected, so what if it was two teams competing to survive? Something akin to the grief mode in Black Ops 2, which involved two teams trying to hinder the opposing team's chances of survival.

Regardless, I hope the season pass brings another mode into the fray. The two modes we have feel a little too similar, and I'd like something to change that.

#20 Edited by BalrogsBain (107 posts) -

only played 3 games of it so far and got my ass handed to me on each occasion, for this i expect using mics and coordinating with your team pays off big

#21 Posted by weegieanawrench (1950 posts) -

only played 3 games of it so far and got my ass handed to me on each occasion, for this i expect using mics and coordinating with your team pays off big

My first 3-5 matches were the same way, and then I started getting bonuses and upgrades to the weapons and skills. More to the point, I stopped lone wolfing it, and was much more survivable with kills coming pretty easily. The best thing to do is move to each supply box and craft, all the while reviving your buddies.

I hated the MP at first because I was getting stomped, but now it's a ton of fun. I haven't experienced this much tension since MW2 Search and Destroy.

#22 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

I kinda feel like they out Gears of War-ed Gears of War in a weird way. Enjoying the multiplayer SO MUCH. Feels classic.

#23 Posted by Fearbeard (865 posts) -

I played two rounds so far and I could take it or leave it. The game does a pretty terrible job of explaining all the stuff going on in the multiplayer section at least as far as I've seen.

#24 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7453 posts) -

@gunstarred: There's a lot of boosters and most of them are quite useful depending on the situation.

@sunbrozak: As I said play support, you'll consistently get over 4000 with a decent group and spike up to upwards of 6500; if you're just killing people you'll cap out much lower than that.

@humanity: I've played ~80 rounds or so, had maybe 2-3 1 on 1s; did you stay in a group with a bunch of shitty players and not leave/rejoin matchmaking after the match was over or something?

#25 Posted by Humanity (11851 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: matchmaking took a really long time for me so yah I stayed with the same group. I wouldn't say they were shitty this one guy pulled off a pretty nice clutch situation 3v1

#26 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7453 posts) -

@humanity: If it wound up being 1 on 1s it just means you didn't have strong teamwork and so on; look for a set of groups that stick mostly together except for stealthers flanking, Snipers that camp without advancing forward are almost useless. For last man standing if you go open a chest it will usually have 2 bombs, 1 molotov, a couple of smokes and a machete (2 durability I believe, so 2 1 hit kills) so depending on who you're fighting you're actually at an advantageous position assuming you're good at laying traps and luring. I suppose the best groups will wind up with wedge formations with 1 guy on either flank and 2 guys facing the presumed direction of the enemy.

#27 Posted by ike7779 (373 posts) -

Not so much, but I don't really like Counterstrike-style multiplayer in general. Hoping for a horde mode in the DLC.

#28 Posted by Meltac (2001 posts) -

Way more than I had expected to.

#29 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Yes in fact, I enjoy it more than the singleplayer. Its super tense and I've seen some nice displays of teamwork even without voice chat.

#30 Edited by vinone (154 posts) -

The only thing I don't really like is that you down people, and then execute them. Need some friends to actually play online with, and actually use some strategy.

#31 Posted by GunstarRed (5884 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: I disagree. The only one I have found really useful is the shiv/not appearing on the map when crouched ability. All the ones tied to healing and crafting quickly may be beneficial to some playstyles, but I'm rarely attacked when crafting or healing as long as I'm being careful. I just don't think a lot of them are worth the points unless you're a sniper and want a steadier aim... I'm not a sniper person anyways so it seems kinda useless.

#32 Posted by MiniPato (2808 posts) -

@vinone said:

The only thing I don't really like is that you down people, and then execute them. Need some friends to actually play online with, and actually use some strategy.

Well you can execute people by just shooting at them till their revive meter drops, so there's less risk, but at the cost of ammo. Sometimes you just have to be aggressive and lay down surpressing fire to scare the other enemy teammate from reviving a guy.

I surprisingly really enjoy the multiplayer. I lost my first match, but after that have won every single match thus far. It's a great team game. You may get some people that prefer to go lone wolf and bring down the rest of the team, but overall it's a great stealth/team based multiplayer. As everyone else said, it's very tense and the down feature makes teamwork crucial for denying the other team kills.

#33 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7453 posts) -

@gunstarred: Oh I thought you meant the one time use boosters. I'm not one who likes marking but I've seen good players that used the highest marking ability (makes enemies appear as red outlines on your screen) so that's for some people. Crafting 2 and 3 are excellent for accumulating scrap since gifts are relatively easy to make; also for later week missions you're going to need to do something different to reliably get all the bonuses. Healing and reviving is also worth a ton of scrap as a revive is worth 100-150 and a full heal after revive is worth 140 I believe? 1 kill + execution is 150 for comparison's sake, you can get a hell of a lot more scrap from healing than you can from killing. Additionally gifts help your team out immensely since starting out with a Molotov is a pretty large advantage. Haven't tooled around much with the other abilities but I imagine the vast majority of them are at least somewhat useful.

#34 Edited by Scroll (623 posts) -

Its like Gears without all the shitty bits. Basically its orange juice without bits.

#35 Edited by Seppli (11233 posts) -

Tonight's session was so awful, I decided to redeem my PS+ subscription and get started on the Instant Game Collection.

Why it was awful? I guess the current influx of new players brings with it a high density of rage quitters and other undesirables. This leads to both to unbalanced matches, as well as losing the connection to the host every so often, which kinda ruins the metagame for me.

Guess I'll have to wait a couple of weeks, before the average quality of players is rising again.

#36 Edited by Mustachio (255 posts) -

Damn it videogame I love your multiplayer but change the way the clan system works because intentionally failing challenges so that I cut down on my population in order to get a reasonable amount of scrap so I can unlock the damn bow seems so fucking counter-intuitive it hurts my brain.

#37 Posted by TheBarrylad (49 posts) -

It's fun, for sure. The single player mechanics that they've implemented to the MP make it feel a little different from the competition. I'm enjoying it for now, but I wonder if that meta-game with your crew of survivors will get grating after a while.

#38 Edited by Pr1mus (4107 posts) -

Anybody else find that you get way more parts in Survivors than in Supply Raid?

Playing almost exclusively as a support if i get say 5 executions, 5 death, 2 revives and maybe 1 gift in Supply Raid i get fewer parts than 2 executions, 4 death, 1 revives and 1 gift in Survivor.

Or something like that. Point being it seems you get more parts for doing much less.

Also what's with the supply requirements. It's always a little bit lower than the number of survivors in the camp (around 46 supply for 50 survivors) but then if you fall short by 10 supply for the day you get 9 hungry people and 5 sick... I smell bullshit incoming in the later weeks of the campaign.

#39 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7453 posts) -

Got up to 128 survivors playing support for a few hours; its nice that I now have the best cosmetic unlock essentially and I didn't have to grind for 2 months to get it. High score was 8480, and I could've gotten like 10k that match even without two additional 10% parts boosts (only had the perk); I'm consistently scoring over 6000 which is sufficient to cover about 150 survivors and there's only like 15 people with that many so far; I could potentially get up to 180-190 or more, though definitely had some setbacks and wasn't as good at the start of this campaign. The week 6 raid is a 100% kill off if you don't manage to achieve the minimum; I imagine the week 12 one is that as well; so save some easy ones for that. I'm pretty decent at shooting but you could be terrible at shooting and still consistently score 5k+ as a support; though it does help if your team is losing by 2 or more rounds thus granting you 100 parts per container. When I get the Crafter 3 upgrade that'll be another 550 points a match, wee.

#40 Posted by SunBroZak (1829 posts) -

At 93 survivors (6 are hungry). I want that damn fedora you get at 100. That and the black mask that you're awarded for having 85 after 12 weeks.

Also, is my multiplayer bugged? I was offered a mission on the first week, so I went with the "down x amount of enemies" mission, but since then I've not been offered anymore. Now I'm on week 6 and my mission status says, "Day 35/3".

#41 Edited by DystopiaX (5384 posts) -

Played a few matches of the team mode and had fun with it. It manages to base its core gameplay around the singleplayer very well, although personally I found it a lot easier to roll Assault in MP whereas in SP (still in the process of finishing) I find that you pretty much have to roll stealth a lot of the time. While it's basically the same thing as any other post-CoD era MP I find the terminology/backstory they base your thing around is really fun, the idea of taking care of survivors and finding supplies and whatnot. One of the better done FB integrations as well, it was neat seeing names and profile photos I recognized being used as survivors in my group.

#42 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7453 posts) -

Had a 9500 match today which buoyed me up to 157 survivors, good for 21st in the world yay. Support is so silly scorewise; in that game I had 1 kill and 3 executions and 3 times as many points as everyone else. Later on I had the 100% kill event happen then had 2 black screens that led to the day ending somehow; thus making all of my dudes sick or hungry; I had one game left to get 3 revolver kills or 12 odd hours of progress would go down the drain, but managed to get 4 and save the day; losing merely 60% of my survivors (84 I believe? Was down a few from the peak). Totally lost more survivors than most people even have in one go, huzzah. My camp is now a huge maze of gray dead bodies and a handful of blue guys still trucking; though on the bright side I don't have to score 6500 in a round every time out anymore just to meet minimum supplies. That bug might have screwed me over out of getting the skull mask this go around, but I'm sure I'll have it sooner or later (also can't see it anyway so the Black Rancher hat is still the winner methinks). Just unlocked Crafting 3; time for gifts to start pouring out of every orifice.

#43 Posted by BoneThang (2 posts) -

The only thing I hate about the multiplayer is how even of you headshot someone they can still be revived and how a point blank shotgun blast isn't an instant kill

#45 Posted by Shingatsu (45 posts) -

The only thing I hate about the multiplayer is how even of you headshot someone they can still be revived and how a point blank shotgun blast isn't an instant kill

#46 Posted by newslowsad (76 posts) -

Finally wrapped up completing both MP journeys the other night. Got pretty into it.

#47 Edited by Nodima (1545 posts) -

I would've loved to because the ethos of it reminds me so much of SOCOM, but that ended up being a hinderance because it so obviously wasn't SOCOM that I just had to back away and admit it wasn't for me.

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