Does anyone know what changes on higher difficulty levels?

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I'm thinking about going back on hard, but I only want to take the time if there's good reason. I think it would be cooler if there was smarter and more aggressive A.I. If everyone is just a bullet sponge then it would just be frustrating.

Anyone try it yet?

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I think on Survivor you cannot listen through walls and see where people/zombies are.

I just started my second playthrough on hard last night.

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played on hard first time through, so I'm not sure what is or isn't there on normal, but MAN did I have to scrounge for ammo. So maybe less drops? and you take more damage. its.... Hard?

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I know for sure there are fewer resources and enemies seem more aware. I'm not so sure how damage is modified though.

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I'm playing on hard and my friend is playing on normal and it seems that there is way less ammo in hard mode. I'm constantly low on bullets on hard but my friend seems to have full ammo a lot of the time on normal.

It also seems that enemies will die in few hits on normal.

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I started on hard and I believe the differences are less ammo and supplies, and you take more damage. There might also be additional enemies with higher health. The AI was pretty good about flanking me all the time, but I would assume that is the same in normal. I regularly had only 1 or 2 guns with limited ammo though, everything else had a big red zero. I don't think I ever had a gun with full ammo.

It was challenging as it should be, I died on quite a few of the sections but I didn't feel it was unfair.

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I'm pretty sure Ellie doesn't perma-mark targets above Normal?

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Finished it on Survivor: No listening power, no button prompts for stealth kills/combat, enemy AI smarter, especially human, way less resources.

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