For those that have the season pass...

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How do you access the making of documentary? It should be on the main menu, right? I've looked everywhere for it.

If it makes any difference, I imported the game from the US and activated the online pass on my US account, but purchased the season pass on my Aus account.

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@evo: I don't think Australian DLC will work with a US copy of the game. Check the DLC store page and it should have a code of the disks compatible with the DLC. Check your disk to see if its code is mentioned on the store page.

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You can watch it on Youtube.

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@legend said:

@evo: I don't think Australian DLC will work with a US copy of the game.

Yeah I think this is right. You have to buy the DLC from the same region as the game is from or it won't work.

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@erhard: That video doesn't exist?

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If your season pass is properly installed: In the main menu of the game (with the window), scroll down to Downloadables (bottom option), hit X, and you're given 3 options: DLC, EXTRAS, and "The making of The Last of Us." Hit X on the 3rd option, and it will take you to an old-style PS Store page where you can download the video. FYI It's 3.5 gb (1080p).

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How is the making of? Is it worth the download?

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@the1stofhisname: I personally loved it. As a big fan of the game, it was really interesting to see how things were behind the scenes. From the auditions of voice actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, mo-cap performances, to music and sound design and many mote, you'll see a lot of things about the making of the game. Like I said, I personally loveit, so I'd highly recommend it if you too enjoyed the game.

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So I'm fucked? Fuck.

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@evo: No you're not. Contact customer support. Explain the situation to them and ask for a refund.

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