GB Last of Us Clan?

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#1 Edited by DrSwank (442 posts) -

UPDATE 2: Ok, so the game supports party play, up to 4, which is great because the competition is becoming quite fierce in the multiplayer! Updated list below too!

UPDATE: Now that the game is out, it has come to our attention that there is NO CLAN SUPPORT for this game. The game uses the concept of "clans" to represent your individual multiplayer performance. Furthermore, there's no ability to party up (from what I've seen) and play with mates. It's 100% random opponents and allies. You can setup private matches where everyone playing is privately invited, but there's no way to create a group/party to go online and play with. For more information, read comments on mid-page2 of this thread. I'll continue to update the list, as people share their PSN Id's. We can always join up and play private matches. I need more PSN friends anyways :]


I haven't played on my PS3 in forever and what few acquaintances I had on PSN have long but dried up. I'm not sure how the clan system will work in Last of Us but from what I've seen, it supports at least 90+ (as seen in their multiplayer trailer). So, that said, if you're interested in showing the world that the GB Clan will rise up in the last of days IRL, then it only makes sense to do so in the Last of Us. Post your PSN name below.

PSN User ID's:

  • DrewMaw
  • OmegaPirate
  • zXAssassinXz
  • Kaoscrackin
  • darth_orange93
  • cssjukez
  • jou321
  • Mariuskv
  • Grumbellgast
  • OneKillWonder99
  • anti-altair16
  • Yummylee
  • Joshthebear
  • burnin squirrrl
  • MightyAnteater
  • Shawneebgoode
  • zb456
  • Mittt14
  • Lordgelfi13
  • GodlyOne
  • seamonsterking
  • dgtlty
  • Hotbones
  • LCoben
  • cloudenvies
  • cclemon36
  • Nilazz
  • mbmsog
  • Bromic_Lamonte
  • Genkkaku
  • CitizenJP
  • Dr_Howser
  • Blackout62
  • Wraxend
  • D43M0N_au_
  • gohammer
  • AxBostonxPatriot
  • iQuar
  • DirtySkidMarcs
  • TheMrMuscle
  • Nadafinga
  • Sohail4321
  • mr_spurs_16
  • A-E-Martin
  • Tokens
  • Azraeill
  • TurboMan
  • dikfox
  • Madness2day_
  • Danzig5252
  • deox_V2
  • Mrtaste101
  • Lanzir04
  • Roomrunner
  • marcaractac
  • instantclassic11
  • Allworkandlowpay
  • clumthumb3cm
  • WheredyagoDavey
  • MrMutani
  • DuskDarkflame
  • x_Lava_x
  • Live2bcool
  • VerdadThat
  • LordToastington
  • Solh0und
  • killfest
  • RudyWakening
  • Apexontheturn
  • Dblueguy
  • SpiralStairsS
  • Kyelb22
  • Dixego
  • ookamiwarrior
  • Ph03n1xT34r5
  • MentalDisruption
  • CitizenJP
  • bugayx3
  • VVarevvolf

  • Striker42

  • MKroffa

  • crazyleaves

  • Jedted

  • xFuturesx

  • DigbyKong

  • vin_one

  • Digital_Impulse

#2 Edited by OmegaPirate (5522 posts) -

I wont be getting it til uk release date ( a week away)

But put me down for this :- OmegaPirate

#3 Edited by DrSwank (442 posts) -

My PSN Tag: DrewMaw

#4 Posted by DrSwank (442 posts) -

I wont be getting it til uk release date ( a week away)

But put me down for this :- OmegaPirate

Yeah, it's a week away in US too. Figure we could get a jump organizing the idea early.

#5 Posted by JayEH (535 posts) -

PSN zXAssassinXz

#6 Edited by kaos_cracker (638 posts) -

I plan on doing campaign first but I'll join.
PSN Kaoscrackin

#7 Posted by DrSwank (442 posts) -

I plan on doing campaign first but I'll join.

PSN Kaoscrackin


#8 Posted by DarthOrange (3871 posts) -

I plan on doing campaign first but I'll join.


PSN: darth_orange93

#9 Edited by jkz (4047 posts) -

I'm not sure whether I'll be able to start getting into it before the 20th (work n travel stuff and such), but if there's still room then I'd love to group up for some. Multiplayer seems promising

PSN: cssjukez

#10 Posted by djou (877 posts) -

I ordered my copy from the internet, so I won't be there day 1 because of shipping delay, but count me in.

PSN: jou321

#11 Posted by DrSwank (442 posts) -

I'm not sure whether I'll be able to start getting into it before the 20th (work n travel stuff and such), but if there's still room then I'd love to group up for some. Multiplayer seems promising

PSN: cssjukez

I'm sure there will be plenty of room. I'm willing to bet the clan cap is like 200 at least.

#12 Edited by DrSwank (442 posts) -

Not sure if @patrickklepek is interested, but he could create the official clan, and post the name here. Not sure if clan creation is available on review builds though.

#13 Posted by MariusK (13 posts) -

i am an, my psn nick is Mariuskv, geting the game next week

#14 Posted by Ghostiet (5289 posts) -

I'll be getting it day one, although I'm not sure if I'll get to do any multiplayer due to not being available for a week. Still, after that I am definitely game.


#15 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (1791 posts) -

Really interested to see how this MP is, so I'll join! I'll probably try to finish the campaign first, though.

ID is OneKillWonder99

#16 Edited by awesomeusername (4225 posts) -

@drewmaw: My PSN is anti-altair16


#17 Posted by Yummylee (22121 posts) -

Sure, I'll be up for it. Hell, I still play Uncharted 3's MP from time to time.

PSN: Yummylee.

Also, you might want to put the user's name next to their PSN ID, just for a little bit of extra clarity as to who's who.

#18 Posted by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

For sure, I'm in.

PSN: Joshthebear

#19 Edited by burnin_squirrrl (56 posts) -

Alright, let's rule this apocalypse

PSN: burnin squirrrl

#20 Posted by Levius (1179 posts) -

Yeah count me in, I've got a long summer to kill.

PSN: MightyAnteater

#21 Posted by DeShawn2ks (1055 posts) -

@drewmaw: I am in psn is Shawneebgoode.

#23 Edited by SunBroZak (1213 posts) -

I'm a newbie to this forum, but I'd definitely be interested in this. Hopefully I'll have my copy ready to go this Friday.

PSN: zb456

#24 Edited by Mittt (46 posts) -

I would be honored to violently murder some dudes in a post apocalyptic wasteland with all of you.

PSN: Mittt14

#25 Edited by Gelf513 (73 posts) -

PSN: Lordgelfi13

#26 Edited by GodlyOne (140 posts) -

Sign me up, I'll do right* in the name of Giant Bomb during the post-apocalypse. I'll jump into multiplayer after going through the story for the first couple of days.

PSN: GodlyOne

*May or may not include mass looting, kidnapping sprees, and doing mounds of cocaine

#27 Posted by GunstarRed (5327 posts) -

sure, why not.

PSN seamonsterking

#28 Posted by dgtlty (164 posts) -

Yep. PSN ID is the same as my username.


#29 Edited by DJJoeJoe (1328 posts) -

I guess I should prolly try and get some online friends somehow, I just bought a ps3 basically for this game and as such will have zero peeps on that friends list. Someone already registered my prefered name, wish I could tell if they USE it or not.. or maybe not knowing is best cause they prolly don't use it and it would just make me sad...

So anyhoo check out PSN | Hotbones if you want to have that name on your list, and maybe you'll see me online at some point! The road from here to the release of the new consoles is long!!!

PS: Give me a day or two, I can't register my ps3 until I actually turn it on eventhough I have a psn account since forever and what not. Waiting on a cable so I can use my ps3 with my monitor etc, then I can register and start accepting virtual friendlies!!! YAY~!

#30 Edited by MrFlibble (74 posts) -

I think uncharted 2 and 3 were the only games I really played multiplayer on my PS3 so I expect the Last of us multiplayer to be good.

PSN: LCoben

#31 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

I'm in.

PSN: cloudenvies (God I wish Sony would allow you to change your PSN name already...)

#32 Posted by A_E_Martin (280 posts) -

I never, ever play multiplayer.

But this time, I just might. Count me in. PSN: A-E-Martin

#33 Posted by Demoskinos (15034 posts) -


#34 Edited by cclemon36 (180 posts) -

This'll be the first time in a while that I buy a game day one, so yeah count me in.

PSN: cclemon36

#35 Edited by Nilazz (613 posts) -

PSN ID : Nilazz

I'll join in for some action.

#36 Posted by twi (51 posts) -

I'm in as well

PSN ID: mbmsog

#37 Posted by Lelcar (713 posts) -

I'm down.

PSN: Bromic_Lamonte

#38 Edited by Genkkaku (737 posts) -

PSN: Genkkaku

#39 Posted by CitizenJP (1033 posts) -

@drewmaw: Hey! Sign me up! I'll be on for launch! My PSN is: CitizenJP

#40 Posted by CrazyBagMan (849 posts) -

PSN: Dr_Howser

#41 Posted by Blackout62 (1360 posts) -

PSN: Blackout62

#42 Posted by Wraxend (568 posts) -

PSN: Wraxend

#43 Edited by D43M0N (38 posts) -

PSN: D43M0N_au_

Based in Australia, will be playing it over the weekend if assignments don't end up falling by the wayside this week and I have to do them in a last minute rush. I don't have a headset unfortunately, either.

#44 Posted by Jevonsp (18 posts) -

I wont be able to get it for a while but, PSN: gohammer

#45 Posted by rramo010 (49 posts) -

I don't see why not.

PSN: AxBostonxPatriot

#46 Posted by 49th (2790 posts) -

add me guise: iQuar

I will play the video game on firday

#47 Posted by Marcsman (3246 posts) -

I'm down playing some multiplayer with anybody.

Feel free to add me. PSN: DirtySkidMarcs

#48 Edited by DrSwank (442 posts) -

The list grows....

#49 Posted by Nadafinga (959 posts) -

Really interested to see how the MP works in this game:

PSN: Nadafinga

#50 Edited by MrMuscle (447 posts) -

I havent turned my PS3 on for ages, but im playing this as I am curious about the multiplayer as well, sign me up!

PSN: TheMrMuscle

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