GB Last of Us Clan?

#101 Posted by jimmyfenix (3753 posts) -

@drewmaw said:

@kaos_cracker said:

@drewmaw: However, we could do a game night or something and go through the list of users we got for this game.

totally. I will continue to update the list, and we can certainly create a tight knit group of people to play private matches with, but needless to say, I'm pretty bummed we can't party up and/or create a clan of buddies to rebuild civilization with. Super bummed.

Yeah dude just add us and we can have some private matches !

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Feel free to add me to the list, downloading the game now. PSN ID: MentalDisruption

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@kaos_cracker said:

@drewmaw: I been purposely not following the game so that didn't really bum me out, but having "clans" in it but not real clans is odd. But I'm down for private matches.

Yeah, seems borderline false advertisement to me... designed to mislead the consumer to purchase something that isn't what is advertised, then say "well, we didn't say that our "clan system" is like what is commonly understood as the de facto "clan system" that everyone would assume." "It's not our fault that you misinterpreted our trailer advertising what seemed like a typical clan system."

/*scratches chin*/

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Oh man been playing for the past 3 hours. Gonna take a break but I gotta say I'm loving this game. So intense! Add me whenever if yall wanna play some multiplayer later tonight: CitizenJP

#105 Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite (786 posts) -

Just got it, so I'm in! PSN ID: bugayx3

#106 Posted by jimmyfenix (3753 posts) -

I will add you duders on my friend list tomorrow so we can get some sort of game going on soon

#107 Posted by Reisz (1555 posts) -

Bummer about party support but throw me on the list anyway. I just migrated to my Vita ID so I need some friends up in here. VVarevvolf

I know I know, Warewolf with two v's instead of w's

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Been playing MP for a few days. PSN ID : POSTERIZING_city

#109 Posted by halodude442 (23 posts) -

The mp looks really awesome. I'm in as soon as i finish the so far fantastic singleplayer.

PSN: Striker42

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I really like the multiplayer for this so if people want to do a game night thing or whatever and its at a reasonable time for EU then I am in.

#111 Posted by KillswitchNL83 (25 posts) -

I'm down for some MP

PSN: MKroffa

#112 Posted by Jedted (2460 posts) -

PSN ID: Jedted

Played a little bit of the multiplayer before diving into the campaign and i like it. Will probably play more once i'm a little further into the single player. I like the way it integrates your FB friends.

#113 Posted by crazyleaves (656 posts) -

Put me in, I love this multiplayer. PSN: crazyleaves

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Found out that the game DOES have party support. Once entering 'Factions' click on triangle or whichever button brings up your friends. From there, you can invite them to your party and progress through matches with them.

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@logicality: If you or anyone else wants to play with me send me a psn friend request and i'd be willing to play today but i'm working tonight and then i'm free the rest of the week!

#116 Posted by jimmyfenix (3753 posts) -

@dblueguy: I will add you on psn then we can play when you are free.

#117 Posted by xfuturesx (31 posts) -

Hey duders, if you could add me as well, my PSN ID is:


#118 Posted by digbykong (14 posts) -

Visiting from ComicVine to see if there was a clan like this.

my PSN ID: DigbyKong

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I'm game, but is there really no way to party up for public games? There's the friends button on the main menu and I felt like I played a public game against a group of people who knew each other very well and they kicked my teams ass... My PSN name is vin_one.

EDIT: I just played a couple games at at the main menu of multiplayer you hit triangle to bring up your friends and then x to invite to party.

#120 Posted by Embryonic (145 posts) -

Sure, I'm game. PSN: Digital_Impulse

#121 Posted by DrSwank (466 posts) -

Found out that the game DOES have party support. Once entering 'Factions' click on triangle or whichever button brings up your friends. From there, you can invite them to your party and progress through matches with them.

Yes, you're right! I'm not sure how I missed it!

#122 Posted by RetroVirus (1512 posts) -

PSN ID: DarthSmasher

#123 Posted by you_smell_dude (11 posts) -

PSN: you_smell_dude

#124 Posted by bkbroiler (1655 posts) -

PSN: bkbro

I think. Really love the multiplayer, and the loose narrative that holds it together. Tons of fun! Different in an Assassin's Creed type of way.

#125 Posted by ShaggyDude (154 posts) -

PSN: JimmyLegGreg

Invite me! I have a mic! And a revolver.

#127 Posted by theedangle (48 posts) -

Need some folks to play this with for sure! Only a couple of my friends have the PS3 to begin with. PSN name is thee_dangle

#128 Posted by Monopolized (457 posts) -

Survivors side , add Monopolied1

#129 Posted by wolfskind (60 posts) -

PSN pfefferwasser

#130 Posted by MachoFantastico (4966 posts) -

PSN: SaitanMar

Haven't touched multiplayer until now, not sure how it all works yet. But I'm all for a clan.

#131 Posted by mracoon (4990 posts) -

PSN: talarata

Started playing the multiplayer for the first time last night and I had a blast. Would be cool to play with other GB duders although I only got my PS3 last week and I don't have a mic yet.

#132 Posted by Baillie (4351 posts) -

PSN: iainbaillie

#133 Posted by Coafi (1494 posts) -

PSN: Jlodla

Send me a msg with "GB", if you are adding me. I don't have a mic, but I play smart and I'm a teamplayer.

I really wanna play with some dudes who know what they're doing, I'm kinda sick of playing randoms, they have no sense of strategy.

#134 Posted by xagefu (10 posts) -

PSN: Xagefu

#135 Posted by Zaccheus (1813 posts) -

The singleplayer is incredible, but I'm surprised just how much I'm enjoying the multiplayer as well. Need a medic? Invite me to your party.

PSN: Zaccheus-

#136 Posted by TurboMan (7862 posts) -

I'm probably going to be playing for the rest of the day, so invite me (PSN: TurboMan ) and let's play

#137 Posted by ElvishPresley (91 posts) -

I'm all about it!

PSN: Elvish_Presley

#138 Posted by Kierkegaard (614 posts) -

Quite like this game. Haven't played with an actual known group of people since PS2, so add me and watch me freak out at human interaction.

PSN: Kierkegaard11.

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PSN id: Classy-Lime

#140 Posted by azrailx (469 posts) -

psn: azrailx

#141 Posted by RecSpec (4142 posts) -

I've played a few matches, and I haven't had this much fun with a MP game since the heyday of MGO. I'm definitely in this for the long haul.

PSN: RecSpec

#142 Posted by fraser (478 posts) -

PSN: frazmuhoney

Feel free to add me if having someone to constantly revive floats your boat!

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Hook me up: SweepXXII

I'm in week 5 and I'm bored of playing with total morons. I don't understand how you can fail to grasp the fundamental stealth elements of the game and run around like it's call of fucking duty. Eurgh.

#144 Posted by Chtasm (467 posts) -

Just going to drop my PSN in here to see what happens.

PSN: Chtasm

#145 Edited by Coafi (1494 posts) -

I'm gonna play a few matches now, if anyone wants to play, add me: Jlodla.

#146 Posted by Winterwolf79 (26 posts) -

I just finished the story, so I'll be down for some MP.

PSN ID: Winterwolf79

#147 Posted by azrailx (469 posts) -

added a bunch of peeps, gb in comments

#148 Posted by tsdkidd (1 posts) -

add me up id love to play w/ a group. If you gotta mic thats always a plus, i got mine. PSN: tsdkidd88

#149 Posted by RottenKittens (1 posts) -

Hey I need some people to play with now! My psn is Rotten Kittens, I don't know if there is an underscore between Rotten and Kittens. Please friend me so we can kill together. I have a mic and I do not suck.

#150 Posted by LackingSaint (1891 posts) -

Lemme in! PSN: LackingSaint

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