How did you to react to the... *thar be spoilers!*

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#51 Posted by sonicrift (305 posts) -

I shot the first guy in his hand, thinking he would drop his scalpel. Instead he crumbled in death hilariously from the smallest bullet wound. Oh well. Let the other two live.

I aimed my revolver at the scalpel surgeon and waited for him to react, then lowered it. I raised my gun again and walked right up to the guy. Nothing happened. I backed up a bit and kneecapped him. He crumbled to the ground as if I'd shot him in the head, and I laughed. The game really shouldn't have made me laugh right there.

Gun out, I approached Ellie, and the other doctors didn't make a move, so I let them be. I had no intention of killing any of them. We still needed them working on a cure. After all I'd seen of humanity and myself through this journey, I'd already been feeling that maybe we didn't deserve a cure. If it came down to saving Ellie or saving the people I'd encountered from Boston to Salt Lake City, then Ellie's life was worth more.

There was a point in the sewers outside Pittsburg when I was running around with Sam where I tried to use gunfire to lure in Clickers, and it did nothing. I assumed firing off a shot wouldn't faze the doctors, and didn't consider that I didn't need to conserve ammo anymore.

#52 Edited by Blastroid (257 posts) -

I cut them into pieces and put them in a bag. Then used my shiv to open the door and backtracked and fed the pieces of doctor to the giraffes. Then they turned into zombie Giraffe's and had another 2 hours of game play trying to survive and kill them.

#53 Posted by kaos_cracker (655 posts) -

I stood there for a while, thinking about what possible choices I had. Since the main surgeon had a knife, I shot him, the other two I just left. Then I found out no matter what the ending will be the same so I felt fine about it

#54 Edited by OneKillWonder_ (1804 posts) -

I shot the first guy once in the leg, thinking I could just cripple him. But nope, he died! Oh well. I shot next to the head of one of the other surgeons, causing her to flinch. Then I grabbed Ellie and got the fuck out of there.

#55 Posted by Lava (672 posts) -

I didn't know what else the hell to do and didn't see the button prompt to pick up Ellie until I had already shot all three. I was angry and Joel but it also felt like Joel at that point. It was a really interesting ending. Not what I was expecting at all. The Last of Us 2 will be Joel on his death bed telling Ellie the truth and then her going back to Utah... I don't know. No don't make a sequel. That game was amazing. I just finished it and am still thinking about it.

#56 Posted by DonutFever (3561 posts) -

Held the first at gunpoint for a good while, he didn't put the scalpel down, so I... put him down. BAM!

#57 Posted by DarthOrange (3878 posts) -

Three bullets in three heads.

#58 Posted by Flappy (2331 posts) -

First doctor got shived with his own scalpel and the second got his face bashed into the wall. The female doctor was free to piss her scrubs as I picked up Ellie and made tracks.

#59 Posted by Raineko (433 posts) -

When I was at that point I actually paused the game and laughed saying "Are they really making me do this?"

So I aimed at him and he still stood there (which doesn't really make any sense) and then eventually shot him because I thought you had to do it. The others backed up in fear so I just grabbed Ellie and got out of there.

#60 Edited by selfconfessedcynic (2587 posts) -

I killed the first one with my bare hands and his own scalpel, looked at Ellie on the operating table and didn't see the prompt to pick her up (so I assumed the game wanted me to kill the other two).

The woman was closer, so I smashed her face into the table until she died.

The man begged for his life, so I turned around and made sure - but this time, I saw the prompt to pick up Ellie, so I let him live.

Needless to say, the scene was fucking intense, and I don't think I'll be forgetting it any time soon.

#61 Edited by MagusMaleficus (1048 posts) -

I iced all three. Wu Tang Clan ain't nuthing ta fuck wit.

#62 Posted by Chirotera (53 posts) -

I shot the first doctor in the face too, figuring he might do something crazy. At that point I didn't really want to kill the other two, but for some reason I wasn't seeing any button prompt so I assumed that I HAD to kill them. When the girl called me a monster I sort of internally shrugged and said, "I know."

It wasn't until afterwards that I realized I probably could have gotten out of there without killing them. But I, like Joel, was exhausted at that point (I was entering my 13th straight hour of the game, with a few small breaks), and wasn't thinking clearly.

Amazing game though, really. For not only making me hate Joel for the monster he was, but also for forcing me to realize that that monster was, in a large sense, me.

#63 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2040 posts) -

I had no idea you could brutally melee murder them. That moment got kinda tense and I did actually stare down the scalpel doctor for a bit before inching up to him and then shooting him up with the shotgun I already had drawn. The lady surgeon was all freaking out and I felt like I couldn't trust her so I shot her up too. I really felt bad for the last guy who was begging I just take the girl and leave but at that point I was completely done (I figured Joel was as well) and shotgunned him down too.

Considering how Joel acted all throughout that final arc I feel like my actions were totally in-character and what he did during the very last moments of their escape kinda validated it for me.

That was definitely the most ambivalent I've felt about the protagonist in a game I've played in a very long time, but kudos to those who penned Joel's character; it must have been tough for them to take his character that far in such an effective way.

#64 Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake (610 posts) -

Scalpel doctor got an arrow in the chest. After briefly listening to the other two plea I smashed their faces into the counter and wall respectively, felt good.

#65 Posted by TurboMan (7690 posts) -

Shot the first guy in the knee cap and moved on...

then I talked to my TV and said "You're a doctor, deal with it."

#66 Posted by Jay_Ray (1118 posts) -

@turboman said:

Shot the first guy in the knee cap and moved on...

then I talked to my TV and said "You're a doctor, deal with it."

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.

#67 Posted by Zaccheus (1800 posts) -

I aimed at the first guy with the knife for a good while to see if he would rush me or back off. He did nothing, but I felt like there was no time to waist so I shot with the shotgun. I aimed at the two others, but they didn't seem like they wanted any part of it. The women said that I was a monster and the other guy told her to shut up, so I took that as a confirmation that they rather keep living than try anything.

I really liked the ending. It was interesting to play as someone who doesn't emerge as a hero, the saviour of humanity, and instead is consistent and remains true to his characterisation to the very end.

I tried to put this into words, but you already did it so well I wont bother.

#68 Edited by JTB123 (1050 posts) -

Only shot the first one, the other two back right off so I didn't think it was necessary to harm them.

#69 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2713 posts) -

Shot the one with the scalpel, and shot the second person. The other person kept quivering in fear and backed away from me. So I let her live, grabbed Ellie and got the hell out of there

#70 Posted by ssj4raditz (1125 posts) -

Stabbed the guy with his own scalpel and then got Ellie outta there. He was the only threatening one, and I felt - as Joel - that's what would've happened had I walked in on that situation. He was about to cut her open, for heaven's sake!

#71 Posted by Pr1mus (3959 posts) -

Shot the first guy as soon as he reached for a weapon. Looked towards Ellie and shot the woman when she called me an animal, thus proving her right. Didn't kill the other guy because he was looking away and told me to just take the girl and leave.

No hesitation whatsoever. It was a combination of reflecting on the world up to maybe the science building in the university and thinking at that point that this world didn't deserve saving, too few decent people left and a cure probably wouldn't change anything and being specifically pissed at the actions of the fireflies and the design of the last few encounters leading to the operating room. The way Joel shot the guy in the nuts twice and then killed him in cold blood is exactly what i was hoping he'd do.


#72 Posted by BoOzak (990 posts) -


I don't know...if they vaccinated the Fireflies then went across the country offering the vaccine to people they came across and wiping out Infected eventually the fungal infection would be eradicated and there would, hopefully, be enough people to start some kind of society without the ever present threat of the disease. I'd like to think that the possibility of a solution would convince people to band together and stop killing each other. I doubt it though.

Having said that I shot all three of the doctors. Didn't even think about it to be honest. As soon as I had the ability to do so I did it. I think I was pretty invested in Joel's mindset by that point, they were just another obstacle to getting Ellie out of there.

I really liked the ending. It was interesting to play as someone who doesn't emerge as a hero, the saviour of humanity, and instead is consistent and remains true to his characterisation to the very end.

Yeah, it seems that there's generally 4 types of endings to most games/movies these days.

  1. Beat evil advesary's, foreboding glipse into the next obstacle, segwaying into a sequel. (Most common)
  2. Super happy ending.
  3. Super sad ending.
  4. The mindfuck shayamalan twist.

Honestly I was expecting something along the lines of TT's The Walking Dead. I was dreading it the entire game. Glad I was wrong.

But to answer the OP, I killed them all. I hesitated with the last two but then I figured how many well trained surgeons do these guys have. If I kill them it gives them less of an incentive to come after me. (Joel, I mean *Ahem*)

#73 Edited by Milkman (17194 posts) -

I shot the first doctor in the head, grabbed Ellie and got the fuck out of there. I never even considered shooting the other doctors.

#74 Posted by WesleyWyndam (163 posts) -

I immediately shot the first guy when I saw him reach for something then looked at the other two. They didn't seem to be a threat, so I let them be.

#75 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5456 posts) -

I shot the first two, and then saw the woman on the ground and I wasn't going to shoot her. I went up to Ellie and pressed triangle and nothing happened, and I really didn't see a button prompt so I shot the last doctor and then saw the prompt over Ellie. I, at the time, kinda thought I had to kill all three.

Same exact thing with me. I was going to spare her, too!

#76 Posted by MJHAYLETT (443 posts) -

I killed all 3 with my bare hands - no hesitation, didn't see anyone go for anything, I just barged in and killed them all in the most brutal way. I didn't consider not killing them. They were going to kill Ellie and Joel could not let that happen and I was in total agreement with him. Joel did not think it was a fair trade and I agree with him. After what happened to his Daughter - not at the hands of an infected but a human - and all the terrible things he has seen and done to survive I did not disagree with him not caring if Humanity finds a cure. Humanity killed his Daughter. End of.

#77 Posted by sub_o (912 posts) -

I pointed my revolver on the surgeon who's pointing the scalpel at me, hoping that he will back down. But after a minute or two, he didn't, so I shot his hand instead. He DIED from that shot !

I left the other surgeons untouched.

#78 Posted by laserguy (452 posts) -

Joel is a cold blooded killer of killer's. He's a mechanic. Doing the job he's been assigned to no matter the cost.

#79 Edited by Rainbowkisses (472 posts) -

I approached the surgeon to see if he would do anything. After figuring that I had to kill them I decide that I might as well enjoy it. I used a flamethrower on the first one, shot the second one in the head, and kicked the last one.

Edit: I also admit, I tried to see if I could shoot Ellie at first. Just for shits and giggles. I am a bad person.

#80 Posted by 49th (2817 posts) -

I threatened them all with the shotgun but ended up killing the first guy with his scalpel as I couldn't get past. I left the other two and just ran out - they didn't do anything wrong.

#81 Edited by TorMasturba (1094 posts) -

I've literally just finished it.

I ran with some serious levels of empathetic rage, the main surgeon went for something in his pocket, looked like he was going for a gun, so I immediately pulled the trigger on him, he went smacked against the wall behind him instantly, his face disintegrated from an El Diablo blast.

I then shot the second guy on the left and then the lady on the right took two shots to go down due to rushed aggressive aiming. I was physically hating them all and thinking with vindictiveness, "FUCKING DIE, YOU PIECES OF SHIT!" I have to say I honestly scared myself with that unusual level of emotional extremity.

I was in the moment and all I wanted was to kill anyone who would think to harm Ellie and all I wanted was to get her back and make her safe.

Sure it's only a game but this is a GREAT game for it's amtosphere, story and also character-connections from my view of them and my view for them.

I don't mind admitting that I developed a strong sense of love and care for them. An amazing feat in any entertainment and media these days and a sign of something truly beautiful to experience.

I don't know how they'd do a sequel but I would also look forward very strongly to it if they did make that announcement.

#82 Posted by Random45 (1264 posts) -

I didn't even know that there were any alternative ways to handle this situation. I didn't want to kill the guy, but he had the knife on me, I even remember running into him to see if I'd just push him aside or something, but I eventually just shot him so I could move on. I remember the woman calling me a monster, and I completely agreed with her. I murdered at least two dozen men to reach that point, and I murdered one of the very few doctors left in the world. I wish I had known there was a way to spare him while I was playing, because I made me feel awful when I killed him.

#83 Posted by Jedted (2402 posts) -

I shot the first two and kicked the woman in the face. At the time i thought i had to kill all of them to progress.

#84 Edited by LackingSaint (1848 posts) -

I really hated the decision to not let me just push the first guy away. In retrospect i've heard about how if you shoot away from them they all just scamper away, but at the time I didn't realise that and was just desperately trying to run around the guy or pull him down. Mostly because I actually felt that, in character for Joel, his old sense of morality is buried deep enough that he knows what he's doing is wrong, at least at the point where he's killing people who are trying to save the world. A first in my game, I made a point of avoiding rather than killing the guards, so when it came around to that sequence and I *had* to play the complete monster, it seemed manipulative.

I don't understand people who think it's justified to kill all of the doctors. Sure I didn't want them to hurt Ellie but those people are doing what they have to do to save the human race. Nobody's in the right, but that doesn't mean it's okay for me to go butchering everyone.

#85 Edited by bunji (42 posts) -

I stabbed the first doctor in the neck with his own scapel. Then I went on too shoot the next doctor. And spared the last one. For what it was though, I kindda cheesed out on the last part; a few tactical smokebombs and running like hell towards the exits – made the hospital-section take only minutes.

...So my final moments in the surgery-room felt quite hasty decisionwise. I just smashed through the door and took action. If I had stealthed my way there, I would've surely reacted more carefully.

#86 Posted by lusence (350 posts) -

I shot the first doc. that looked like he was reaching for a gun, and left the other 2 alive. I was close to shooting them for the fuck of it but decided against it for some reason.

#87 Posted by RobotHamster (4177 posts) -

I only lit the first guy on fire.

#88 Posted by laserguy (452 posts) -

I lit those sumbitches up. then when I hit the elevator my game glitched and I didnt get to see the end. I had to rent it this weekend to finish five minutes of cutscenes.

#89 Edited by TheKing (844 posts) -

Shot the scalpel guy in the leg and left the other 2 doctors alone.

#90 Posted by tallTuck94 (553 posts) -

The second that door opened I shot all three as fast as possible. Joel and I were there for one reason and I don't regret it one bit.

#91 Posted by Quid_Pro_Bono (323 posts) -

I wound up being pretty fucking cold about it. For the last area I threw a smoke bomb, snuck through the little offices, and threw another smoke bomb then rushed through the door as I could hear the soldiers screaming "He's by the door!" I burst into the operating room with my assault rifle drawn, and the doctor made his threat. I then shot all three of them in the head with no hesitation between shots. The woman couldn't even get all the way through "animal" before I had killed her. I grabbed Ellie and sprinted out of the room to the conclusion.

While walking as Ellie in the forest at the end of the game, I reflected on the way I handled that situation, and it really disturbed me. But I suppose it was simply that I wasn't convinced the Fireflies would be able to engineer a cure, and also weren't sure of their motives considering how cagey they were about everything - I wasn't going to lose Ellie on the off-chance that they would use a cure selflessly, or that they would even be successful in extracting and effectively distributing it.

I still would do the same thing on a subsequent playthrough though. Naughty Dog convinced me that I would be doing the same attempts at justifying things to myself if I were Joel for real, and because of that I was fully vested in his interests and his character, warts and all. Even if he did lie to her and potentially doom the human race forever (I'm still pretty skeptical on this part) I'm still rooting for him.

#92 Posted by TooWalrus (13255 posts) -

I hated what Joel was doing, Ellie, as fucking lovable as she is, needed to die. I walked around the room a bit trying to avoid that surgeon, but once I realized what my options were, I shot them all in the face. Even the woman cowering on the ground. Joel's too hard to care about anyone but himself now. Bastard.

#93 Posted by syzygyeolith (96 posts) -

I usually White Knight any game that will let me, and I managed to sneak my way through the whole hospital without any fatalities (other than the one in the cutscene). I got to the operating theatre, and tried to scare the guy with the scalpel with a warning shot, but it didn't seem to phase him, so he ended up getting the ol' scalpel to the neck. Ignored the other two, and ran the hell out of there.

I don't think that there would have been anything to gain from killing Ellie for her brain, and by that point, 'saving humanity' seemed a bit too little too late. By the end of it all, I'm not even sure what Ellie herself would have wanted to have happened.

#94 Posted by LeYcH (216 posts) -

I wanted to just walk up to Ellie but the guy stood there blocking my away, didn't want to kill him but the game made me do it.

#95 Edited by OneManX (1693 posts) -

Knifed the one guy then got Ellie and left... a little part of me was expected Ellie to kill Joel (due to her maybe being semi-conscience when he killed Marlene) but I was glad we got what we got.

As for the doctors, fuck them, I wanted to go in guns blazing, but I just wanted to get Ellie and get the fuck out.

#96 Posted by Ninja_Welshman (498 posts) -

I shot them all in the face and i'm not sure why? Was quite shocked with myself afterward. I guess my reasoning was that they could never harm Ellie again if they were all dead. Grim stuff!!

#97 Edited by Kraznor (1588 posts) -

I shot the main doctor when he picked up a scalpel and then immediately shot the nurse beside him almost out of pure reflex, just flinched and BLAM, right in the the head. I then stopped, and as I was thinking about what just happened the remaining nurse called me a monster, I felt bad and just grabbed Ellie and left. The build-up to entering that room was great, I ran in there in an adrenaline-soaked haze and just kind of went crazy briefly, fit the character's feelings quite well, as others have pointed out.

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