I feel like I'm playing it wrong. Oops. Question.

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Alright, so. Let me say? I'm loving this game. It did annoy me for a bit, because I'm not huge on primarly stealth games. I'm not fond of being a run and gun guy either though either. I'm kind of a guy who likes having both options open to me, and this game kind of does it. Granted, at some points, I felt like the game itself was saying "Yeah, you have to sneak or you're going to watch that clicker continously mess Joel up numerous times till you get it right, moron." Which is fine. It's a game that actually makes you take your time and enjoy it a bit more.

I really got to get it off my chest though, I feel like I cheated the game. There came a point where I just wanted to continue to watch the story unfold, and I was at the part with Bill where they were going to the part Bill's never been in before, and there's a bunch of clickers around the area. At this time, I kinda just stopped caring about stealth after the first stealth section of it, and just started annihilating them with my shotgun.

Is that nearly cheating the game? In your opinion, am I spoiling any of the experience for myself? This game really got me wanting to continue the story. I really want to continue to see Joel and Ellie's bond grow. I didn't spoil the story completely for myself yet, and I'm glad I didn't. There just comes a point in this game where sneaking just gets old.

I kinda learned my lesson though. Once I got to the bloater [?] in the gym, which.. I also run and gunned through the school as well, annihlating all infected in my path, I slowly realized how I really had to take my time with aiming because my ammo was so damn sparse at that point. Came down to lucky melee shots when the rest of the infected ran it.

I heard the game play shifts at some point. Just tell me if that means there's even MORE sneaking coming up, or I can continue having fun with a mixture of both. I'm currently on Pittsburg section where the muggers rob Joel, and it seems like gun warfare from there. That works. I fully understand there's going to be more sneaking, but it's not sneaking to the point of where if I mess it up, I won't continuously have to watch Joel get torn open by a clicker, will I? Because that got kind of annoying for me.

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It definitely seems to get more action-y if I remember correctly. But there are also some pretty heavy stealth sequences in the last quarter, so I dunno. You can't really ruin the story for yourself as none of it relies on you sneaking. Me, I liked sneaking around the clickers but then again I just like stealth games in general. And unfortunately for you the clickers stay throughout the entire game. I don't remember where you are in terms of what exactly comes ahead, so I won't spoil anything, but yeah there was definitely one part in particular that frustrated me with clickers, to the point where I had to cheese it to get through. I would advise you to see it through to the end even if you get hung up on one part, though, because the story is worth it.

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Stealth tends to be recommended, but it's not necessary.

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You don't have to feel like you're cheating because you're playing more aggressively at certain points, especially not the one you mentioned. Come the end of the game, you'll be equipped to take out Clickers without any problem, so that's something to look forward to. As Killerfridge said, there are some heavy stealth sequences near the end, but the major one I'm thinking of shouldn't be case where you're fucked for making one mistake, at least if you're playing on normal.

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The game's biggest flaw is that, at some point, all that sneaking just gets annoying and you just want to shoot some dudes.

Yes, the game is heavily centered around stealth. Instead of not getting caught, I spent a lot of time trying to think of ways to kill everyone without using guns. Smoke bombs, grenades, melee weapons, etc. The improvisation is what made the game fun, but it sadly stops being fun when you're nearing the end of the game and you still have almost nothing. And the Clicker sections continue to get worse and worse.

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You can play most of the game either way, even the infected segments; though you do have to get sort of "lucky" to get all the shots off without wasting ammo because of how the aiming system works (non stealth).

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@fredchuckdave: Found that out the hard way first time I started trying to shoot my gun. "Nothing is hitting.. uh oh."

@believer258: It's not even really that. It's just, I don't want to keep wasting my time. Like, it's like the game tempts you. They throw the story as bait on a rod at you, and drag you forward to the sneak area. "If ya want it, get through here.". And you have to be so careful. The sneak areas aren't really difficult for me right now. Just.. annoying. Like you said it. It's just a constant pain in the ass that I really don't want to deal with.

@viciousanchovy: Which I am. I'm not a dumb gamer, I can learn and adapt from my mistakes easily. I'm doing great so far. It's just.. I can't keep getting bothered to start sneaking again. Like I said, at that one point I just sat there like "...I'm not sneaking through like five areas of clickers when I got this shot gun. There's no way."

Can you tell me at what point Ellie starts to help you out massively with a gun or something?

@sackmanjones: Good to know, thanks for the reply!

@killerfridge: Yeah, found that out the hard way. Thought clickers would be more of a rare thing to see. Turn out, they're just about everywhere. That's.... fun...

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I find that the game actually encourages a more "run and gun" approach, as opposed to a stealthy type of approach. Quite a few forced encounters throughout the game, so I think your style is fine. Clickers get a bit easier when you upgrade your shivs, but yeah, they kinda such.

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Depends on difficulty level right? The higher the difficulty setting, the scarcer the resources - if I remember right, for some guns like the Shorty, the only ammo you are going to find for it on the highest difficulty setting is the two bullets that come with it in the first place.

You can run and gun on the easier settings, but if you up the difficulty you kind of have to save every bullet for when you really really need a bullet.

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@believer258: It's not even really that. It's just, I don't want to keep wasting my time. Like, it's like the game tempts you. They throw the story as bait on a rod at you, and drag you forward to the sneak area. "If ya want it, get through here.". And you have to be so careful. The sneak areas aren't really difficult for me right now. Just.. annoying. Like you said it. It's just a constant pain in the ass that I really don't want to deal with.

I played through almost the entire game on hard. In the last fight, I had just had enough of the fucking game and wanted to finish the story so I just bumped it down to Easy. I'll probably replay that game someday, but likely on Normal.

And honestly, if you're annoyed at this point, there are going to be some areas that will really grind your patience. A lot of the encounters with humans are fine, and there are some really good gameplay moments to be had if you play well. But that game also gets pretty low sometimes, and I can name at least one Clicker section that actively dissuades me from wanting to play the game again.

The story is definitely worth it - there's some really good payoff at the end and it does leave you thinking - but this would unquestionably be better served as a TV show than a game.

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The farther you go the more action you get into but I think its still worth it. There are also lots of tremendously quiet moments as well, many of them lasting a long time on their own.

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There will be points later in the game where you're going to struggle to run in guns blazing as there will just be too many guys for you to deal with. However the great thing about The Last Of Us is it's versatility, allowing you to approach these situations in a number of ways. If you're going to go in guns blazing anyway, sounds like the best approach would just be to attempt the stealth, then kill everyone if it eventually goes wrong. It's definitely not cheating though, and you aren't playing it wrong.

If you want a more realistic experience then try playing on a harder difficulty, however. The ammo and crafting tools are more scarce, so you are forced to use stealth a lot more. You're also a lot more fragile, so open combat is to be avoided.

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I'm of the opinion that you can never 'play a game wrong.' I love it when games allow multiple styles of play. The only time I would consider playing a game 'wrong' is if you are actively exploiting a glitch to progress through the game, but even then that's the developer's fault. I'm not above gaming the system from time to time. :)

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I liked the stealth a lot more than I liked the shooting but if you didn't like it then w/e, I'm not going to tell you you're "playing it wrong"

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@SideburnGuru: You're just practicing for what is to come in the future. I mean for the most part you can sneak around but in some areas you will be forced to fight.

As for the experience, I don't think you're really missing anything. In some areas I didn't even fight or sneak, I ran straight past all the enemies into the next checkpoint. If the shooting or sneaking was especially satisfying or gave you experience then maybe I would put more emphasis on playing properly. I'm a big stealth fan. I like games like Thief or Splinter Cell, but Last of Us has really rudimentary stealth systems that don't evolve as the game progresses so I eventually I simply started avoiding enemy encounters all together: throw a bottle then run past everyone until I hit a checkpoint.

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On my first go I felt I needed to go stealth because the resources were scarce (on hard), but then I played Survivor and just gunned everything down, the game keeps supplying you with ammo constantly - the more you use it, the more you get.

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I dont know I never felt the game was "heavily centered on stealth". There were parts where skipping a few guys was easy and doable so I did it.... but lots of parts where there were so many patrols it seemed silly to try to "stealth it". Sure I would try to silently kill as many as I could before being spotted but I left WAY more dead bodies in my wake than live ones. There is only really three parts of the game where I felt like "stealth" was blatantly the only smart play. In all three you are clearly massively out numbered and out gunned so it should be pretty obvious when you run into them.

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Stealth is a joke in this game. Remember that your counterpart has no effect and play according to the game. I played it on easy and still found some frustrating parts. Just fuck the game on easy and persevere was my cause of desire. The End.

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@humanity: ..I didn't even know you could do that, to be fair. I've been clearing out the enemies. I just kind of assumed you had to clear out most of the areas.

@sweep: Definitely will try this out then. I was hoping I'd get the realistic approach with normal. Not too hard. Not too easy.

@sammo21: Really can't wait for those moments then. I just want a moment to enjoy everything. The game is just so great, and hell I could've watched that cut scene where Joel and Ellie are in the pick up truck, and she shows what she takes for awhile. Hell, someone mentioned the game would be better off as a show or movie. I agree. Completely. I believe it was @believer258.

@believer258: Yeah, I already gave the game a break for a bit after the first frusturated clicker approach. I didn't even retry it. I believe it was the subway, when Tess is alive. They say you're just about out, but you have to sneak by the clickers. Then you have to pull down a ladder by a clicker. I tried everything in the book to kill that one clicker, and once I finally did. I read "You have to clear out all the enemies". I was like.. "So what's the point of stealth?". Confused the hell out of me, and I just got irritated. I easily finished that part, but damn.

@plaintomato: I believe I'm doing it on normal mode. I THOUGHT I put it on normal mode, because usually each game I play, I go for normal. I may be wrong though. I'm starting to think I am because the way I keep getting shotgun ammo almost seemed too good to be true.

@rejizzle: Yeah, clickers really suck.

At first, funny enough, I was like. "Wow, these are really unique enemies. I can't wait to encounter some." Okay, so. That enthusiastic approach died down, REAL QUICK.

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@SideburnGuru: One hit kill enemies are a terrible design choice in any game, but especially this one.

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Put it on easy and shoot shit with shotguns. The stealth sucks dick and you shouldn't have to suffer through it if you aren't already enjoying it. I regret nothing.

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On the highest difficulty, every single shot counts because ammo is so scarce, but on normal you don't really have to be afraid to fire your weapons.

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You're not playing it wrong, you're just playing it on easy.

If you play on the harder difficulties, you must stealth, or you die. Ammo is so sparse and any materials you get are a godsend. I remember finding a rag and literally jumping off my couch with excitement. I needed that one rag just to stay alive.

But, this game is excellent on any difficulty. No matter how you play it, it will be frantic and fun. Don't worry.

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