Last of Us gameplay walkthrough

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id play that game

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Dunno why I just let this demo pass by during the press conference, but glad I have another chance to see it. This looks awesome, I just hope it doesn't get too close with the Uncharted similarities.

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I was already hyped as all fuck after the demo, but hearing that it is in-fact supposedly very open-ended gameplay-wise makes me crave this so so so hard. Thanks for posting it.

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Looks nice, but nothing I'd spend hundreds of dollars to buy a console for. Doesn't help that I'm broke as hell right now. :(

Hope the Sony players are satisfied with the end product, I think it's very good that studio is moving away from Uncharted (for now at least).

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Yup, The Last of Us still looks incredible. I'd love to witness the disparity between this scene when you have to (possibly) fight against a group of human bandits, and another where you're forced to defend yourself from a horde of mutants. Just to see how varied your tactics may diverge. Really happy to hear about the inventory/crafting system, too; it really is basically survival horror just without a lot of the horror.

And man, when that guy was hit by the molotov, it actually looked pretty damn horrific.

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This makes me happy I got a PS3 for Uncharted when I found one that was cheap, while Uncharted wasn't that great (well 2 was, but 3 and 1 not so much...), this is looking really good.

After watching the demo I was a bit worried though, as it seemed pretty tightly scripted for the most part, but if it really is very open-ended in the gameplay, then I'm hyped as hell.

One thing that I'm not sure about though, is the talk about a couple of enemies being more than a worthy though, when they took down 6 or 8 enemies in a single battle fairly easily. It doesn't really mix with what the guys said on the Bombcast (was it Jeff?) that when there is more than a couple of enemies you're almost screwed.

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I hope it's not as tightly scripted as Uncharted. That would be a frustrating shame.

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This game looks awesome. The idea that I can decide when and how to engage enemies is awesome. Not to mention that Ellie will respond to what you are doing accordingly is awesome. The idea that she didn't throw the brick until you were out of ammo was a really cool thing, and it seems like that could work completely differently if you perhaps didn't run out of ammo. This game seems incredibly interesting and I hope the entire thing turns out awesome.

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This game looks cold ass hell to bad it ain't coming out untill 2013.

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I really want to see the alternate playthrough with stealth

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