Lost connection during multiplayer, lost all survivors.

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So here I am on week 6 almost 7 of my Hunter journey, everything is going well and I'm on day 3/3 of a mission that could cause 100% of my population to be decimated. I only need a few more kills to make it so that only 60% of my population is killed off but *BAM* MOTHER FUCKER, LOST CONNECTION. A message popped up right when the game started "leaving game" and then "Lost connection" and all my survivors were killed and I have to start over. I just sat there as it brought up the "Select your gang!" screen, as if it were taunting me.

Anyways to turn this from a blog-rant and into a forum discussion, have any of you duders had something similar happen before? You know, lose all you save data and just stare blankly at the screen in distraught and want to murder the next person that walks in through the door.

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Yeah, it happened to me with the singleplayer save bug for this game. I lost 9-10 hours and was crestfallen for a good hour. Luckily I still enjoyed playing through it all again.

I also had something similar happen with Dark Souls. I played that game the day it came out all the way until making Frampt appear, who I then proceeded to sling arrows at until he'd had just about enough of that and left my game forever. I came on these boards asking if I screwed myself and someone said yes, so I started all over. I still had it finished within two days, despite this huge set-back. That's how I tend to play games and I can tell you, it's not healthy for anyone involved.

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Happened to me at week 3, had 100 survivors and then most died or got sick because my connection went out at the beginning of a game. But then I stopped caring about the Meta game.

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I've lost my connection to multiplayer a few times (pretty sure not on my end), but never lost any survivors. That sucks.

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yowzers. i think they need to get rid of the 100 percent raids. its just too frustrating for those really into making the full 20 weeks. its one thing to give us a goal another to have a red headed step-child hiding around the corner to kick you in the balls. lol my sorry relation but still... way to harsh... they should of made that 100 percent kick backs for like a prestege mode multi game plus or something. just seems to defeat the purpose of having the RPG element just to make us cry...

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It happened to me and a friend last night, only it said we got kicked from the game just as it finished. Shit sucks.

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Connection's been pretty damn bad lately. I'm eager to play me some TLOU multiplayer but there's so much lag! Waiting patiently for a fix.

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Happened to me 3 times so far...makes me want to bug ND to patch this ASAP.

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Something absolutely must be done with the lost connection to host issue. If you get dropped from a game regardless of it being your fault is devastating to your clan. Even if you are not on a mission or not a dropped game wrecks your survivors. Immediately half are thrown into hungry, 1/4 are downgrade to sick and a few will die. It is punitive beyond belief because someone's internet sucks.

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