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Anyone else think that some of the stealth stuff in The Last of Us drew a little bit of inspiration from the Rockstar's Manhunt?

The pacing of how the game has you sneaking up on people and going in for kills with long animations before sneaking away definitely gave me flashbacks to that PS2 game and the fight in the diner with the creepy guy definitely reminded me of the final boss fight in Manhunt.

I'm hoping someone else picked up on this because I think that was a quality game whose good aspects were kind of unfairly overshadowed at the time by all the violence and controversy and I'm kind of hoping this gets some people to re-evaluate it.

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Yea, I definitely got a Manhunt vibe. I half jokingly refer to it as Manhunt 3.

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I'm kind of glad for that. The original Manhunt did have aspects that could be seen as hard-core..determined by how long you were going to wait behind some guy with a plastic bag, or an axe. Manhunt 2 (the trailers)looked like pure trash to me. But Manhunt had a real story, a pretty well developed couple of Bad guys, and was a genuine stealth game, least in the first half. Second half was a decent shooter.

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I was actually thinking of Manhunt while playing this, as well. Glad I'm not the only one who was thinking that.

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LOL no... i think its alot like uncharted for some odd reason?

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just the shiv? no way, manhunt is way way more violent. your a fool to compare the games based on the shiv.

even with the scissors or like the 2 times you get an axe or machette... no comparison. manhunt is way more violent. its what makes the game.

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...Manhunt took queues from Metal Gear (as do most stealth games), and this one does even more so - heck, if anything TLoU is very similar to MGS4.

For example;

  • MGS4 was perhaps the primary game to popularise a more forgiving stealth mechanic (where you can break stealth entirely and still be able to gun down everyone in the level rather than being ultra damage-adverse) - to the point where people criticised it for no longer being a stealth game (and look at us now :P - also, this type of stealth is my favourite by far nowadays)
  • Enemies can barely see you even if you're right next to them (MGS4: due to your camo, in this your enemies are literally blind)
  • Vision cones of all the enemies are very similar in proportions between both games
  • Moving slower makes you harder to detect in both games (even in some cases where you should be pretty visible if it were being realistic)
  • Enemies walk along very pre-determined tracks, but once alerted go into an "alert phase" which starts with them being very active then eventually getting closer to the un-alerted state
  • Choking out enemies is silent even when right next to another enemy, just like MGS games
  • Enemies have very similar choke-out animations in this and MGS
  • Listening in TLoU is very similar in function to the circle of awareness Snake has in MGS4 (to the point of being able to track things past walls due to the sound they make - though in TLoU, it's obviously an order of magnitude easier)
  • You can throw things to alert enemies in both games (empty clips vs bottles/bricks)
  • You can sneak past entire encounters in both games
  • You have to hold down buttons to swap weapons (though TLoU doesn't pause)
  • Both game had at least one sequence where you can step on something and make a noise which alerts an enemy (glass bottles in the London sequence in MGS4, broken plates in the diner sequence in TLoU).
  • Both games have a sequence where you need to sneek up on a sniper.
  • You can modify your weapons substantially in both games, though in TLoU you can't make them non-lethal
  • Melee is a very viable combat choice in both games

And that's just the stuff I can name off the top of my head.

So yes, The Last of Us is a bit like manhunt - but if we're going to pick a game for comparison, it'd have to be MGS4.

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Definitely got a Manhunt vibe from certain parts, just a lot less violent by comparison.

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Hmm, makes sense because i really really hated manhunt. It had cool atmosphere but the gameplay was terrible. Probably why i'm having such a hard time liking this game, i want to try it again though haven't touched it in almost a week now.

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