Multiplayer Lag?

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Anyone else experiencing lag to the point of being unplayable?

I'll start a match and play for a few minutes then all of a sudden my character can't move but I can see the entire match going on around me at what seems a normal pace. This has happened in basically every match I've been in. From what I've played the multiplayer seems like a lot of fun but this is just getting frustrating.

Was this kind of thing an issue with the Uncharted MP?

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i started having this problem yesterday, and i must say, its unplayable when it lags. just as you described it is what happens to me, even when i have full connectivity. hope they fix it.

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Wish I could play it online. My PS3 gave me the YLOD during the campaign. Had to finish the game at my cousin's house.

Glad the blow dryer trick actually works, launch PS3 was holding Last of Us hostage.

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There's occasionally some lag; Shivving in particular will wind up with Dark Souls backstab fishing situations from time to time. Though I was able to shiv an entire team in one round and it looked pretty clean on my screen; so that's something.

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I have had no problems with lag at all in The Last of Us. I've lost connection a few times but over a lot of playtime I have had very little issue with lag.

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