Naughty Dog making Last of US

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#51 Posted by SeanFoster (866 posts) -

This is now my most anticipated game of whatever year it comes out in.

#52 Posted by spazmaster666 (1966 posts) -

I just hope this games will have some open-endedness to it unlike the game that is really an interactive cinematic that was Uncharted 3.

#53 Posted by Michaelblack18 (223 posts) -

Uhh those things definantly didn'tlook like zombies to me they looked like more of a mutant to me,but eitherway that trailer looked absolutely amazing im kind hoping for a more open worldly type of vide id like to see naughty dog test that out with it,also That was the biggest anouncement there next to rising still exsist

#54 Posted by AngelN7 (2970 posts) -

@H2Oyea said:

Also, Troy Baker is stealing all of North's potential jobs, lol. Should the Northies be changed to the Bakies?

Im more of a Boschie kind of guy but yeah good for Troy for getting there in bigger games.

#55 Posted by coakroach (2490 posts) -

Could be neat.

#56 Posted by Gabriel (4058 posts) -

It really just looks like Uncharted with Zombies that's not Uncharted 1.

#57 Posted by Twitchey (865 posts) -
@Barrock said:

All these zombie games... I'm never going to get a Rockstar made open world zombie game. :(

Undead Nightmare?
#58 Posted by JJOR64 (18941 posts) -

Seems like a Zombie game, but that trailer was amazing. Looking forward to it.

#59 Posted by Enigma777 (6070 posts) -

This just jumped from "I couldnt care less" to "OMG put it in my veins nao!!!!11!"

#60 Posted by Aronman789 (2676 posts) -

Looks like I'm gonna have to buy a PS3 now.

#61 Posted by Cube (4366 posts) -

Find it a little ironic some people are bitching about the zombie trend when they'll gladly pay 50 dollars for a Mario or Zelda game. Aren't ya getting a little tired of saving the princess, fellas? No other company puts its faith behind new IP's like Sony. Period.

#62 Posted by DukesT3 (1901 posts) -

At least its not zombies... from what I saw... and FINALLY I think this might be the swan song for the PS3. I'm pretty excited to see how this game might turn out.

#63 Posted by Nomin (965 posts) -

Man, the years haven't been kind to Nathan Drake.

#64 Posted by StarvingGamer (8128 posts) -

Why is it that teenage girls in these types of stories are always wise beyond their years? Is it because all the other teenage girls have already gotten dead?

Also did Ellie make anyone else think of a young Zoey?

#65 Posted by Brodehouse (9792 posts) -
@StarvingGamer She's grown up in the post-apocalypse, anyone surviving has to be wise beyond their years.
#66 Posted by Dogma (945 posts) -

@StarvingGamer: I think she looks like a young Clair Redfield.

#67 Posted by Brodehouse (9792 posts) -

So the mushroom head monsters are a horrible real life version of Toad and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom, right?

Also, I just at this moment realized why they're called toadstools. I never thought of them as being exactly what it says.

#68 Posted by probablytuna (3603 posts) -

Co-op in this game would be pretty interesting.

#69 Posted by newslowsad (74 posts) -

I'm intrigued.

#70 Posted by xyzygy (9938 posts) -

Am I the only one who is completely sick of zombie games and wastelands? I also don't care much for the characters that Naughty Dog creates, but I see a lot of potential here in the young girl character. I can already envision what the father/older man character will be like.
The trailer graphically looks gorgeous though!

#71 Posted by ozzdog12 (859 posts) -

@Eujin said:

That looked pretty damn awesome.

#72 Edited by C0V3RT (1377 posts) -

The only thing I could think of when this trailer aired was that they were trying to play off the Dead Island trailer. Not necessarily in the sense of trying to evoke emotion or the way it was presented, but a young girl running through what appeared to be a hotel infested with zombies.

#73 Posted by mnzy (2914 posts) -

Apparently Naughty Dog started working on this two years ago, so they couldn't really know how many zombies there would be in video games.

#74 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18955 posts) -

Ok ok let me get this straight. 
There are 3 kinds of hype: 

  • When the game is actually, legitimately looking fucking amazing (see: Red Read Redemption, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Mass Effect). 
  • When we're suckers for a good developer and we just go hype because that studio is working on it (see: Overstrike, Left 4 Dead, L.A. Noire, Dragon Age: Origins). 
  • When, for some fucked up reason, we simultaneously decide to hold hands and cheer for a new game for no solid reason whatsoever. Usually that game is the very thing we mock and claim to be sick of (see: Dead Island, other..)  And they're usually a let down.
Now, which is it for this game? Is it the fact that it's Naughty Dog, or the third kind of hype? Because seriously, this is looking like a triple-A SURVIVAL game, with ZOMBIE-esque enemies and a REMAINING FAMILY trying to SURVIVE, hello???????? Have we not been hating on these typical games and movies for ages?
#75 Posted by konig_kei (602 posts) -

I can never get too many zombie games.

#76 Posted by TeenageJesusSuperstar (170 posts) -

Turns out the girl isn't Ellen Page but actually someone named Ashley Johnston, as confirmed via twitter. She is also doing the mo-cap.

#77 Edited by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

I'm conflicted. I love Naughty Dog but I hate the idea of playing another game with zombies in it no matter how you fucking spin it by calling them infected or whatever.

#78 Posted by RedRoach (1190 posts) -

@Nomin: The funny thing is, in the very first mission of UC3, in the bar, there is a newspaper sitting on the edge of the bar. If you look at it closely, the headline says "scientists struggle to understand deadly fungus". Maybe just a little easter egg, but if Drake made a cameo as a survivor or fungus/zombie thing, I would like that, even though it would pretty fan service-y.

#79 Posted by Tesla (1917 posts) -

It takes a lot for a trailer with no gameplay to get me excited about any game. But it's not just any's yet another zombie game. From the people who just kinda dropped the ball with Uncharted 3.

Color me indifferent until I see what zombie itch this game scratches that can't be done with Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, or Dead Rising.

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