Neil Druckmann keynote speech on The Last of Us' narrative

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From IDGA Toronto, earlier this month.

Excellent video, highly recommended to fans who have finished the game. Certain things are touched upon that Druckmann seemed sheepish on previously (his reddit AMA was a little disappointing when he opted to not reveal things like his interpretation of the ending - that is expanded upon here and is actually very interesting).

Other topics include the origins of the game's simple premise idea dating back to 2004, the different ways it evolved, alternate directions/endings for the actual game and Ellie's role as a non-sexualized female lead.

Considering it comes from the IDGA channel though - the quality isn't super including audio in only one headphone but the speech is worth hearing for fans.

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Cool. Thanks for this. I'll have to watch it when I get home.

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Thanks for the link. Will have to watch this

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Non sexualized female lead? Well, she is only a kid after all right? Keep in mind I haven't played the game yet.

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It was nice to have Neil Druckmann validate my interpretation of the ending rather than the one he points out as being "wrong" that I see people talking about a lot

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Cool. I love the game's story so this sounds pretty interesting.

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Thanks for that! I wanted to poke in and wait 10 minutes of it and ended up watching the whole thing, very interesting watch indeed.

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