Not Coming Out This Year?

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So everything is getting pushed into 2013. This was my most anticipated game of the year but it ain't coming this year. Fucking 2012...

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Yeah that sucks so what's left for the later half of the year? I think the only 2 big games I'm excited about are Resident Evil 6 and Assassin's Creed III I just looked at the list of games that where pushed to last year Tomb Raider , DmC, Bioshock Infinite and now The Last of Us kinda surprised that Dishonored hasn't been pushed back , but I guess is better that way DOA5 , Persona 4 Arena and Tekken Tag T2 are coming this year so there's still some choices but the ones I look foward the most are still far away.

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Weeell.... I'm not entirely surprised, really. It still sucks, and that once crowded Autumn season appears to be getting slimmer and slimmer. There's still Borderlands 2 in September, and RE6, AC3 along with Hitman Absolution - which still makes for a solid amount of gamage during those months. But I have to admit, 2012 overall isn't looking quite as outstanding as was it once was a few months back. 2013 on the other hand is increasingly starting to look stupendously awesome.

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Man, I wonder if any of those games will actually sell, considering how packed 2013 looks to be.

A real shame Naughty Dog won't manage to release The Last of Us this year. If they managed that, they could really do a sweep to the competition.

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Only game left in 2012 that I am truly excited for, is Fa Cry 3, sure I'll probably pick up another game or two, but man, this year is not great for me, only bought SSX so far when we are talking new titles..

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Don't know why people are surprised by this. 
It's June already. This is a game that has generated a lot of hype for itself. If it were gonna come out this year we would have 
a) got a release date by now, no matter how tentative and/or
b) got substantial gameplay footage that doesn't read like a PR/tech demo.
There are a bunch of people who are hoping the Tomb raider reboot comes out at the end of the year and for the same reasons i'm baffled.

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Super bummed about that. The field for GOTY this year will probably be the weakest its been in a while.

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@Master_Funk: If AC3 wraps up the Desmond story, it's in with a shout. Borderlands 2 and Halo 4 look really solid too though.

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Gaming in late 2012: "Happy Holidays, we'll see you next year!"

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@Benny said:

@Master_Funk: If AC3 wraps up the Desmond story, it's in with a shout. Borderlands 2 and Halo 4 look really solid too though.

And of course Diablo III. I'm going to assume the GOTY discussions will tie closely between Diablo III and Assassin's Creed III. Though there's always the chance that we'll have this years 'Saints Row The Third' equivalent where a game will take them completely by surprise and will rise all the way to the GOTY debate.

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Daksiders will contend.

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There's still at least XCOM (Oct 9), Borderlands 2 (Sep 18), Assassins Creed 3 (Oct 30), Darksiders 2 (Aug 14), Hitman: Absolution (Nov 20), Torchlight 2 (?).

Also Spec Ops: The Line (Jun 26), Planetside 2(?), Halo 4 (Nov 6) and CoD: BLOPS2 (Nov 13).

Probably a few titles I've forgotten, but I'd hardly call it a wasteland.

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I'm bummed about this, but it's not surprising.

Also, Borderlands.

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I thought it was pretty obvious that this wasn't coming out this year.

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So.... Halo 4?

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ni no kuni's alllmoooost this year.

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All I need to hold me over till '13 is GTA V this fall. Make it happen, 2K, you already burned me on BioShock Infinite on my birthday...

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Well at least we have call of duty right guys? Guys?

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2012 is all about Hitman!

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I had a feeling hearing pretty much every Naughty Dog employee say they weren't ready to state a release date, automatically meant 2013. Sucks becuase other than Diablo 3, this year has been pretty empty. I have high hopes for AC3 and Hitman Absolution, but I was really looking forward to The Last of Us this winter break!

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Spring is the new "Holiday Season".

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@Dixavd said:

Spring is the new "Holiday Season".

Pretty much. : (

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2013 is going to be crazy.

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And because of the high number of games coming out in spring, some games gonna be held back even more.

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@Yummylee said:

And of course Diablo III. I'm going to assume the GOTY discussions will tie closely between Diablo III and Assassin's Creed III.

Journey. Anything else could be released in 2012 and I still wouldn't be swayed.

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At some point developers and publishers will have to bite the bullet and realize that unless they release their games in the Summer or something, they will always have a good amount of competition in the first quarter or last quarter of the year.

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@Cloudenvy said:

@Dixavd said:

Spring is the new "Holiday Season".

Pretty much. : (

That wasn't the case this year...

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Damn, I was really excited to play The Last Of Us, my PS3 has mostly been gathering dust.

Good job The Last Guardian will be out soon.

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So Dishonored is the only high profile original IP coming out this fall?

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Weakest year since 2006 , probably . There are still great games coming in 2012 , though . I guess ...

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There's gonna be all of those hot Wii U titles coming out this holiday, right? Right?

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I am really excited to play it, but I really don't mind waiting either. I rather they take the time to make it perfect, than release an unfinished mess just to meet a deadline.

I have a huge backlog of games to keep me busy until 2013.

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