nothing to see here [ENDING SPOILERS]

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I don't know why people keep saying that Joel lied to Ellie, Most of them must have rushed. I went through the last level thoroughly, Checking EVERYTHING possible. One of the recorders I found revealed that there were others with her 'immunity'! If you're interested in finding the recorder, try loading up the level, but go slowly through it this time.

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I would change that headline dude.

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Thread title is kind of a spoiler.

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Yeah sorry about that, I'll change it in a moment,

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Also, A guy over on gamespot also found out about the recorder. Looks like I'm not the only one woot.

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I just watched a video with that recording, and I don't think that's what the guy meant. When he said "past cases", he was referring to people who were infected, not those who are immune. There is no way in hell naughty dog would hide such an important story beat behind a missable tape recorder

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Geeze dude waaay too much on the title.

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It starts around 7:20, but it should automatically set to the recorder part. He's definitely talking about people who are infected and not immune. "her infection is nothing like I've ever seen" "as weve seen in all past cases (infected), the antigenic (toxin, bacteria, bad stuff) titers of the patients (ellie) cordyceps remain HIGH in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid". He then goes on to explain what separates ellie from past cases... He's basically saying she carry's the virus, but is not affected by it.

Nothing to see here folks

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Also, edit that title ASAP. You have to hit full edit if you want to change the title

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Dude, title.

And even with the recording, he certainly still lied. If there were dozens of immune people as he said, they wouldn't have gone to such trouble to keep this one girl, and if Joel believed that there were others, he wouldn't have killed the woman because he believed she wouldn't stop tracking him down. There were past cases of people they hoped would help them find a cure, but Ellie was the special child with a real immunity. Joel lied about the other immune people there, and he definitely lied about how things went down at the facility. None of the tension of the ending exists without the reality that Joel lied to Ellie and then Ellie seemed to knowingly accept his lie in the end. Because they both wanted to be together more than they cared about finding a cure.

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Joel's choice and that lie was maybe the perfect way to close out this game, I'd be really bummed if his version of events actually had real weight to them.

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