Odds of new multiplayer content from season pass?

#1 Posted by Brundage (472 posts) -

After enjoying the living shit out of the multiplayer for the past few weeks I already want more!

So I was wondering, do you guys think the season pass will be for singleplayer multiplayer or both?

Personally, I would love to see some new game modes, like maybe some counter strike'ish bomb defusal or extraction type modes. Shit, maybe just new perks. What do you guys think would be the coolest addition to multiplayer?

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I'd hope we get a good number of maps and modes and one really fleshed out single player episode of sorts. I'm kinda bummed out by one or two of the currents maps since they aren't all large and complex in a way that makes the multiplayer interesting.

I also hope that a good number of people actually buy the dlc since I found that to be an issue with Gears 2 and 3 to a degree.

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I'm guessing like 3 maps per multiplayer dlc and a new mode in each. At least, I hope so. 6 maps isn't a real lot (I know there's technically 7 in the base game, but Downtown is never picked. Played it once out of 80+ matches)

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New modes are a must. I'm really hoping for a clan/faction based co-op survival mode fighting infected for resources. Uncharted had co-op, this could definitely benefit from it.

#6 Posted by Brundage (472 posts) -

Downtown has to be the only map I dislike, I really enjoy all the other ones even if they are all similar. Clan/Squad games could also be cool where you party up with people, make a team and fight other teams.

#7 Posted by bkbroiler (1659 posts) -

This game is BEGGING for some sort of Horde 3.0 mode. They've got to add that for the DLC.

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@redbullet685 said:

I'm guessing like 3 maps per multiplayer dlc and a new mode in each.

This is how I'm imagining it as well. Really hope they'll eventually allow us to create our own persistent character as well; I always love unlocking cosmetic shit for stuff like multiplayer avatars and was really disappointed to find that you're assigned a random guy/girl per match.

Also, some sort of competitive mode where the Infected are involved could be interesting. While the game itself was a pile of wank, the idea Operation Raccoon City had of throwing in a hostile third faction (being the zombies & B.O.W.s) in between the two teams of players is a sound one.

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