Shout out to Pittsburgh

#2 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

I live in Maryland, and Commute to DC, and every day there is a road closed because some one has to make a film in dc.

#3 Posted by Demoskinos (16205 posts) -

@idoublespy: I'm not "from" PIttsburgh but I do live in a small town about an hour south of Pittsburgh.

#4 Posted by TheHumanDove (2521 posts) -

Ive done that too where I make huge projects and then realize I dont know how to do the project

#6 Posted by TheHumanDove (2521 posts) -

Oh. That's less funny and more unfortunate.

#8 Posted by skrutop (3811 posts) -

My wife and I are planning to move back there this year. I've been gone for eight years and miss it.

#9 Posted by Phished0ne (2653 posts) -

Im not from PGH, but i live nearby, about 40 minutes east and go there often for concerts and similar things. It will be interesting to see some of the landmarks.

#10 Posted by Zidd (1911 posts) -

Fallout 3 got an addon that was set in pittsburgh

#11 Posted by Phished0ne (2653 posts) -

@Zidd said:

Fallout 3 got an addon that was set in pittsburgh

yeah but that was like "YO ITS IN PITTSBURGH. TRUST US, ITS GOT A BRIDGE...AND A STEELYARD, SEE? TOTALLY PITTSBURGH" Im hoping this is a little more than that.

#12 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5094 posts) -

Yo, fuck the Steelers.

#13 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

I was going to laugh if the first setting was in Detroit then I would have said: "Hey Detroit looks the same" but I've never seen Pittsburgh before. It would also be funny to see a Browns fan and Steelers fan in zombie/infected form fighting each other. I'm from Cleveland btw so you know which side I take on this matter.

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