Surprisingly fun multiplayer, makes me think of The Division

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I didn't like Uncharted's multtplayer so this was a nice surprise. Much like Mass Effect 3, it seems like the MP might be forced, but in both cases they work out great. I imagine The Division will play a lot like this as far as the atmosphere, tension, being grimy, and tactical 3rd person. I've been having a lot of fun so far, but the gunplay vs. melee when in close range can feel off and looking at their track records I'm sure Ubisoft can nail gameplay better. Of course, there's some Day Z in there too. The only thing that really annoys me are the freaking malatov cocktails... an area of affect instant kill in multiplayer is always a bad idea IMO. You should be able to roll the fire off or for teammates to help, not instantly die because some fire touched your ankle.

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