The Last of Us Collector's Editions

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The Post-Pandemic Edition will cost $159.99 and comes with:

• 12 inch premium statue by Project Triforce

• Steelbook

• The Last of Us- American Dreams #1 Comic

• Survival DLC Pack

• Sights & Sounds DLC Pack

• Naughty Dog sticker sheet

The Survival Edition will cost $79.99 and comes with:

• Full size hardcover art book by Dark Horse

• Steelbook

• The Last of Us- American Dreams #1 Comic

• Sights & Sounds DLC Pack

• Naughty Dog sticker sheet

The Post-Pandemic Edition will only be available at Gamestop. It's a pass for me, I will probably just get the regular edition, how about you guys?

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I've always wondered, if one bought every collectors edition that included a statue of some kind in this console generation. How many statues would one have?

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Oooh a sticker sheet?! I am ok with paying $80 for a special edition of a game I REALLY like or maybe even $90 in some extreme case - but $160? C'mon and the only difference between it and the $80 version is the statue? What is it made out "magic plastic" or something? Cause that's literally $80 more for a plastic statue.

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@mwng: 23

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@Kidavenger: Hah! Assuming you've been the most amazing person ever and this figure is correct, I'd have expected there to have been more.
Now I wonder what they'd all look like in a room together...
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Artbook > Statue. Also a bigger value for a much cheaper price.

Since when did this game have multiplayer?

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I ordered the Survival Edition because $20 extra seemed worth it for the giant art book alone.

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I'm all for badass statues of Batman and all that, but that statue really hurts my respect and understanding of those characters. They both seem so human and normal, and the whole process of them being converted into a physical 'product' feels really weird for me.

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Daym those are really getting my attention. Time blow the dust off my PS3 once this comes out. hahahahahaha

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