The Last of Us Documentary free on Amazon

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I just finished watching this and it was really good. Some of it is stuff anyone who has watched some of the making of videos has seen, but there's a lot of new and interesting information in there (something I specifically enjoyed was seeing the composer's studio). Anyone who has finished the game should give this a watch, and it's free! In HD! Well worth the hour and a half.

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I just "bought" it. Should be great.

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Can't buy it. Amazon Canada urgh.

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It's free? ...what's the catch?

#5 Posted by MikeFerrari7 (256 posts) -

Thanks for the heads up! Strangely I got a $1 MP3 credit for renting it.

#6 Posted by newhaap (457 posts) -

Yeah thanks for sharing this, that was a nice one and a half hour to end a day on.

#7 Posted by TheBarrylad (49 posts) -

The casting sessions/motion capture stuff is great, and the game's composer is a super interesting guy. Worth a watch for sure.

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The other bonus is that you get $1 free MP3 credit for buying a free video.

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Just got done watching it. Really cool whether you liked the game or not (I loved it of course). They show you so many steps of the process of making the game. My favorite was the music and the bit about the actor having to redo a scene over and over. And it's interesting hearing the technical stuff like the lighting.

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@newhaap said:

It's free? ...what's the catch?

US only?

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Hey, alright.

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