Trophy Trouble - HELP ANYONE?

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So....I've been having some trouble unlocking the trophy "For Emergencies Only." I've played through the game three times, once on normal, once on survivor, and once on survivor +. Through both survivor and survivor plus I did not have enough parts to fully upgrade all my weapons. In fact, by the end of survivor +, I was about 100 parts away from fully upgrading my flamethrower and unlocking this trophy, but I couldn't find enough parts before beating the game.

So this begs the question(s)....Is there any sort of shortcut I could take in order to bypass a whole separate playthrough with my carried-over-gear to eventually gain access to the flamethrower (which, by the way, is not available until you reach the University) and upgrade it? I tried loading an earlier chapter in the same playthrough but I'm just stuck with whatever upgrades I had received up to that point in the story. I've put a lot of time in to this game already (single player and multiplayer) and it would be awesome to unlock this trophy without having to play the game a 4th time (as much as I think the game is fantastic).


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