Well it looks like Nathan Drake might be a infected...

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Just saw this on Ign, apparently The Last of Us takes place in the Uncharted universe. Sony is really trying to push this game, just hope its worth it.  
EDIT: Video wont show up for some reason, I shall link it 
EDIT EDIT: EuanDewar was kind enough to embed it.

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I apologize for the strange post, no clue why the video wont show

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W-what the hell?

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@EuanDewar:  Thank you I appreciate it
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A human Cordyceps infection? Awesome. Hope the game turns out good.

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The hell?

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Ummmmmm what?

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@bybeach said:


all those tombs he has been raiding, had to happen soon enough!

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I don't know, that seems a little flimsy, not to mention taking place in the Uncharted universe doesn't matter unless Drake is in it. That world is just ours with blue people

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@Dany said:

@bybeach said:


all those tombs he has been raiding, had to happen soon enough!

Wats wrong with the live wemen in Uncharted? Even that old lady in Uncharted 3 didn't look bad when she wasn't looking all needing her prune juice...I think she had a thing going with that main evil bad guy.

And well..they probably don't have a fungus condition....

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Uh...weird. I hope that's not actually the case. I don't see how they could make that relevant, other than pointless cameos or references.

Oh well, as long as the game is good.

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Agreed, but as someone who spent way too much time on the cloverfield and super 8 viral campaigns, I'm a sucker for stuff like this. I'm interested to see just how much they show at the VGA's

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Probably just an easter egg for another Sony game. I HIGHLY doubt this will be in the Uncharted universe.

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@Strife777@Commisar123: Internet sarcasm people. Of course its only an easter egg.
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Hm, this is the first I've heard of The Last of Us- I like what I've been hearing though, can't wait until the reveal (or whatever) tommorow. It's probably just a little easter egg, but it'll be rad if they do tie the two games together in some small way.

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So, Naughty Dog's next franchise, or just a tie in on another Sony product. The world may never know...

Oh wait, we'll know this weekend. Nevermind.

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