You Are Not Prepared For The Last Of Us' 'Alternate' Ending

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So this "Alternate" Ending was pretty different.

I wish they made this ending at the end of new game plus to just mess with the player. Kudos to Neil Druckmann for this Absurd ending.

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Holy shit. I saw this talk of an alternate ending floating around. I thought the original ending was dark. I don't know if my fragile emotions could've handled that.

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You are right. I was not prepared for that ending....

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I'm hard to surprise these days but that was unexpected.

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That was pretty amazing. Glad they kept straight faces during that too.

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Oh my fucking god that was amazing, they both have a decent set of pipes on them as well, especially the actor playing marlene.

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Should have been the real ending.

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hahaha amusing

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Well, that was incredible.

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The Last of Us- the musical.

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Kudos to the guy Troy is holding for not even cracking a smile.

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Those are some fucking professionals!

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Troy vocalizing the drum beats got me. An incredible sequence.

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As great as Troy is in that scene (and he is GREAT), he's still not the voice of the Third Street Saints Boss. Not to me, dammit.

"Female 1" 4 life

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That was pretty funny.

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Holy shit that was incredible.

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That's pretty awesome. Almost can't believe the whole thing is actually improvised. But it's very enjoyable either way.

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That was amazing.

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Fantastic oh my god

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Oh my god. That is fantastic. Fantastic. Troy baker is amazing.

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Fuck...GoTY in my alternate universe.

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Holy shit, enjoyed that a lot more than I thought I would. Also did not see it coming.

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That was brilliant, I loved the part when Troy started to improvise the music as well.

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I kind of wish they went with this! I think I would have probably dropped my controller and my jaw would be on the floor. It would also be a ton of fun to see all the rage on the internet, haha.

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This was fantastic and why Troy is my favorite VA, how he just went with it and stole the scene. Amazing!

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Gimme dat alternate ending DLC. I'd buy that for a dollar!

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@truthtellah: do you know what video that's from? Kind of want to see what that was in reaction to

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I wouldn't mind a video game musical...

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I greatly dislike how both ridiculously talented and handsome Troy Baker is... But then considering the origin of the phrase ''having a face for radio'', there's ironically enough a lot of good looking voice actors and actresses out there.

Anywhoo, awesome. Naughty Dog would be a legitimately great choice to try and develop a video game musical! Once More With Feeling - The Last of Us Edition!

@ramone said:

Kudos to the guy Troy is holding for not even cracking a smile.

That would be Robin Atkin Downes. Guy's mad professional.

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Holy shit. I've read an interview about it, but I figured it would be like two lines, not a full goddamn scene of them improvising and hamming it up like there's no tomorrow.

That DLC? I want the most pivotal scenes of TLoU played out like a rhythm game musical now.

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It's pretty telling that one of my favorite endings of all time was started by improvising. That's pretty amazing.

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I... I was not prepared for that.

Fucking loved it though :D

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