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The Last Phoenix is set in a world where Phoenixes and Humans live together in harmony under one god. This god teaches the humans various aspects of philosophy, but is unable to make the humans accept their mortality. As Human civilization continues to expand, they eventually come in contact with the Carrion.

The Carrion trick the humans into a deal where they supposedly offered them immortality. The Humans accept the deal, without realizing that they have effectively enabled the Carrion to attack and wipe out the Phoenixes and remove their god from power. By the time they realize this, the damage is done, and human civilization falls into decay along with the rest of the environment. Some humans are able to protect one last phoenix egg before expiring though- this egg hatches into the titular Last Phoenix, who immediately sets out to free his god from the Carrion's imprisonment.


The Last Phoenix is an aerial combat game where the player's goal is to restore color to the world. The player must find the various torches and gaia nodes the Carrion have extinguished and re-light them.

The player has a variety of controls at his disposal, with moves ranging from dashes and grab attacks against aerial enemies, to evasive maneuvers and a hover mode. Upon picking up enough power pickups or killing enough enemies, the Phoenix turns blue and gains access to a one-shot burst attack- which once activated instantly kills just about any enemies around the phoenix.


  • Crows - The most basic form of aerial soldier the Carrion have access to. Singularly, Crows are essentially a non-issue, as one or two dash attacks or a single successful grab will kill them quite quickly. That said, they can be tricky when a horde of anywhere from 4-6 of them decides to chase the phoenix, since it becomes harder to dodge that many enemy melee attacks.
  • Carrion - Carrion are relatively slow moving, but difficult to fight head-on due to their shotgun-like ranged attack. It can be difficult to out-maneuver them once they notice you, as their turn radius increases quite a bit while in combat. However, if you use the environment to get the jump on them, a single successful grab can kill them easily. If you must fight them directly, 3-4 dash attacks should kill them.
  • Cocoons - Cocoons are essentially just turrets stationed throughout Carrion-held territories. They have a basic ranged attack that is very easy to dodge- though it can be annoying if they are positioned to directly defend a torch that needs to be lit. While their offensive capabilities are questionable Cocoons are quite tough, taking anywhere from 4-5 dash attacks to dispatch.


The Last Phoenix was made using the Unreal Development Kit. The game supports both keyboard and mouse and Xbox 360 gamepad control configurations.

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