Anyone play the PC version of this? (Last Remnant)

#1 Posted by Venatio (4654 posts) -

Found this game for 3 bucks over on GMG and I was wondering how the PC version is, specifically the controls since I don't have a gamepad, just mouse and keyboard

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The pc version is the good version.

The 360 version has a terrible framerate, limited party options (leader characters) and is slow as fuck.

PC version runs great, has no party option limits, and has a turbo mode, which you should have turned on at all times.

I have no idea how the controls are without a gamepad. You should probably go buy one, since the vast majority of modern PC games are console ports, which work best with a gamepad.

#3 Posted by Cameron (624 posts) -

The PC version is good, by all accounts much better than the 360 version. I imagine it would be hard to play with a mouse and keyboard. It's mostly 3rd person and it definitely seems like it was designed with a controller in mind. Still, for three dollars it's probably worth the risk if you are at all interested.

#4 Posted by Venatio (4654 posts) -

I think I'm just gonna order a 360 gamepad, been thinking about it for a while

#5 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

I think @DocHaus was doing an LP of it at some point.

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Yeah it's definitely better with a gamepad just because of the quick time events. But I did play it for about 40 hours with keyboard & mouse, so I think that works fine also.

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It's a turn based JRPG, there's absolutely no reason why you can't play it just as well with a keyboard (don't remember any QTEs). It's extremely hands off as well; order your guys to do something and then hope (or get down in the minutiae) they do what you want them to do. That said it looks great, runs well on an older comp, and is very interesting and reasonably difficult; though the last boss can be nigh impossible if you don't understand how levelling works. You can also import saves on PC and start with a bunch of characters that would be completely useless at the point that it's possible to get them in the game, but incredibly useful otherwise.

#8 Posted by hawkinson76 (398 posts) -

its fine, technically. The battle system takes some getting used to, but its pretty fun, similar to tactics games but with less fine grain control. The voice acting and story are another thing... I love a lot of things about jrpgs, but there are games like this, Baten Kaitos, Lost Odyssey, etc that feel a little on the wrong side of history when it comes to story telling. Sometimes the charm wins out (Eternal Sonata, Tales of Versperia), but more often than not things don't click for me, this game included, and I stop playing half way through (after quite an investment of time).

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